The Jeitosa Group Announces Formation of Global HR Consultancy

New York, NY January 10, 2005 The Jeitosa Group, Inc. announced today the formation of a new management consulting practice to provide global, strategic and functional human resources information technology support to Global Fortune 1000 organizations. Jeitosa provides thought-leading integrated business and technology solutions to drive global organizational effectiveness. As a strategic business consulting and management advisory practice, Jeitosa focuses on helping HR business leaders achieve global success through the deployment of best-practice transnational solutions covering the people, processes, and technology supporting the global human resources function. No organization can match the breadth of experience Jeitosa possesses in dealing with global HR issues, says Bill Campbell, former Senior Vice President with ADP Employer Services and now General Partner with Marbill Management.

Karen Beaman, Co-founder and Managing Partner of The Jeitosa Group, says, One vital distinction in our business model is that we are individuals with in-depth knowledge of the international human resources environment who think and act with a real global mindset. This means that our consultants truly understand, from first-hand experience through living and working abroad, the cultural and legal aspects of international business and their impact on global human resource effectiveness.

The name, Jeitosa (pronounced zhay-taw-za), comes from the Brazilian Portuguese word jeitosa [from jeito + -osa], an adjective meaning able to find astute or ingenious solutions; skillful, adroit, clever, innovative, problem-solving (Dicionrio Aurlio). Working in the global, digital, virtual world demands a creative approach in finding elegant solutions to complex problems, which is why this name aptly describes the kinds of solutions Jeitosa provides for their clients.

Al Walker, Senior Global Advisor to The Jeitosa Group, says, There is a growing need in the marketplace to bring fresh perspectives and innovations to global HR service delivery given the advances and changes in HR organization and cost structure, technologies, and outsourcing that we can now take advantage of. Headed by Karen Beaman, one of the leaders in transformational HR, The Jeitosa Group fits that bill. Jenni Lehman of The Gartner Group says, Jeitosas broad and deep knowledge of global HR and HRIT practices help bring a much needed focus on identifying and sharing global best practices in HCM.

Jeitosas research focus is on benchmarking and best practices in global organizational design and leadership. Jeitosa consultants are currently working with The Conference Board in streamlining and growing their HR and HRIT benchmarking services.
According to Linda Barrington, Research Director with The Conference Board, “Jeitosa’s strength lies in their flexibility and responsiveness to complex business problems and in their ability to combine quantitative research methodologies and findings with practical business application. Jeitosa can identify the end goal and the plan to get there.”

The Jeitosa Group helps organizations globalize their HR business functions and supporting technology applications by designing a comprehensive global HR strategy for the enterprise; establishing an effective sourcing strategy through appropriate delivery models such as shared services, outsourcing, and offshoring; developing a viable global/regional/local service delivery model; and, building consolidated data warehousing solutions to provide global HR analytics and reporting.

Jeitosa focuses on four fundamental cornerstones to meet the needs of global HR business leaders:

Global Strategic Planning drawn from their depth and breadth of knowledge of global service delivery models and HR analytics and based on their extensive experience working in local, regional and global HR environments.

International Human Resource Support in designing effective global HR services built through first-hand experience of the HR issues, regulations, and customs in the major countries around the world.

Cultural Business Knowledge of the impact that culture and language has in the international business environment along with experience in effectively leveraging global diversity and leadership for competitive advantage.

Thought-Leadership and Empirical Research with the ability to tap into the wealth of academic and business resources, bridging the chasm between theoretical research findings and practical business application.

For more information about The Jeitosa Group, contact Karen Beaman at

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