Merger of Trowbridge and ALS Consulting Creates Top Global Outsourcing Advisor

Dallas, TX and London, UK (May 16, 2005) The Trowbridge Group, a leading outsourcing consulting firm based in Dallas, Texas, and ALS Consulting, a European shared services and outsourcing consultancy, announced today the completion of a merger agreement.  The new global company, named Alsbridge, combines the expertise gained through decades of cumulative experience in the management of Outsourcing and Insourcing programs. 


The founding partners are pioneers within the Outsourcing Industry and were instrumental in the development of the IT and business process outsourcing structures familiar to practitioners today.  The combined contract value of all deals negotiated by Alsbridge executives exceeds $50 billion, and the new firm will have over 60 advisors and a client list comprising of many Fortune 500 businesses. Alsbridge offers comprehensive outsourcing and insourcing services through balanced and objective world-class advice, ranging from strategy development and solution design to vendor selection and execution.  Their experience ranges across multiple business verticals in Information Technology, Human Resources, Procurement, Customer Relationship Management, Finance & Accounting, and other business processes.


We have proven global and vertical industry experience that comes from working on some of the worlds biggest outsourcing contracts and insourcing programs, says Ben Trowbridge, managing partner of Alsbridge North America.  As former CEOs and Big-4 managing partners, we truly understand the financial, operational and executive perspective around successful outsourcing and insourcing programs as well as in hybrid combinations of the two strategies.  Alsbridge clients now have access to advice and support in both Europe and North America.


Outsourcing continues to grow amongst Global 500 and mid-sized companies due to increased global competition as they strive to maintain company profitability and shareholder value.  Gartner Dataquest predicts worldwide BPO revenue to grow from a projected $131 Billion in 2004 to $161 Billion in 2006. 


In Europe and Asia, we are seeing a steep increase in sourcing activities across a variety of industries such as manufacturing, telecom and retail, comments Tim Lloyd, managing partner of Alsbridge Europe. Governmental organizations are also benefiting by adopting sourcing strategies to improve their efficiency.


Tim concludes By forming a global company with experience acquired in some of the largest outsourcing deals signed to date in the Americas, Europe and Asia, we are uniquely positioned to help global players take full advantage of the benefits of their insourcing and outsourcing activities.


About Alsbridge

Alsbridge ( is the premier global Outsourcing and Insourcing advisory firm with headquarters in North America and Europe.  Alsbridge advisors average over 15 years of experience, specializing in Outsourcing and Insourcing transactions focused on leading change while managing business transformation and risk through innovative deal structures.  Alsbridge provides clients with unmatched experience and in-depth industry knowledge in reducing costs, improving service levels and maximizing shareholder value.  With world-class Outsourcing and Insourcing excellence, Alsbridge assists clients by providing a balanced view of value-driven SG&A sourcing solutions that support the business objective and ensure long-term future success. Our advisors come from Big 4 firms with extensive experience in building and managing complex deals including multi-national, BPO, IT, HRO, and offshore arrangements.


Decisions regarding Outsourcing or Insourcing, the use of a Traditional Contract or Joint Venture, or how to effectively Program Manage a service or contract implementation, are challenges resolved by Alsbridge everyday.


For more information please contact:

Alsbridge North America: Derek Toone: (1) 214-696-6410. 

Alsbridge Europe: Josee Mallet: 44 (0) 207-272-0666.



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