HRO’s Leading Legal Eagles

Need legal counsel for your outsourcing deal? Here are the most active law firms in the HRO market today.

by HRO Today Staff

HRO wouldn’t be where it is today without the sage advice of many of the legal firms that advise buyers and providers alike. In fact, the industry has vastly benefitted from their working experience in other outsourcing sectors such as BPO, IT, manufacturing, and more.

In determining the most active legal advisors in the HRO industry, we tapped the working knowledge of buyers, providers, and other advisors to see to whom the industry most often turn for legal guidance. Although many other firms provide advisory work in this market, the nine listed here appear to have the broadest knowledge of HRO.
Just like their clients, all of the firms profiled have a global footprint. In every industrialized market, these legal eagles have experienced attorneys representing clients on a number of sourcing issues, from contract negotiations to remediation to term renegotiation. Some of the firms have advisory practices aimed specifically at HRO and have been instrumental in helping buyer and provider see eye to eye, source the most appropriate vendor, or simply iron out contracts.

Although their hourly rates might give pause to even the deepest-pocketed clients, these firms also boast the most experience in outsourcing matters. Their expertise could pay off for clients by helping them head off any potential liability problems, contract uncertainties, or compliance hazards. For buyers and providers in need of specialized HRO legal expertise, this group collectively has participated in just about every kind of outsourcing scenario. And most likely, they’ll be participants in many future deals as well.

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