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by Glenn Davidson

In March of this year, Wachovia Bank announced publicly that it was planning to outsource its HR function. The funny thing is, it wasnt groundbreaking news. Two years ago, a company as big as Wachovia dipping a toe in the HRO marketplace would have set off a stampede. Today, Wachovia took its place in an orderly fashion in providers growing queue.


A week earlier, Mellon sold its HR outsourcing business to ACS. It didnt quite elicit yawns, but after a year of frantic mergers and acquisitions, the news was hardly surprising to those in the industry.


Perform a Google news search on outsourcing on any random day and youll find dozens of storiesChina and India fighting it out as the top offshoring locale; Pakistan moving aggressively to compete with India for call center leadership; and Indian companies buying onshoring capabilities in the United States and Europe to establish a global footprint. All these moves now seem logical, sane, and predictable.


Even todays political stories lack spark and controversy. U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton traveled to India in March and proclaimed that open Indian markets and more Indian investment in the United States are the ways to quell outsourcing outcries. For the Democratic Party, thats a major rhetorical shift from the Benedict Arnold talk of the 2004 presidential campaign. And despite some past controversy over the plan, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission opened its first outsourced call center to a relatively muted response.


Like I said, none of this is surprising to me. But maybe thats because Im in the middle of it every day. Maybe its because Im a member of the HR Outsourcing Association (HROA).


HRO IN THE KNOW The HROA is an association of professionals who purchase, provide, or participate in the HRO industry. But its greatest purpose is to serve as radar for HRO industry issueswhether about industry trends, government activity, or international movements.


For customers, providers, and industry experts, the HROA is invaluable because it:

* Demonstrates the value of HRO to the broadest audience possible

 * Helps providers gain entry into the government sector and address the special issues posed by government contracts

* Advocates with key opinion leaders on issues surrounding offshoring HR jobs and promoting ways to use U.S. labor markets more effectively

* Advises organizations on how HRO can help them avoid the enterprise software industrys turbulence

* Develops and delivers academic curricula for training and certifying HR outsourcing experts

* Establishes concrete industry benchmarks

* Coordinates ongoing research on HRO issues * Promotes HRO industry best practices, both internally and externally


The HROA is the industrys premiere outlet for HRO knowledge, whether its through this magazine, via conferences such as HRO World, or through our thought leadership in other high-profile business publications. The HROA has carved out a unique and valuable position in the marketplace of ideas, promoting the industry, dispelling myths, and easing minds about a new business phenomenon still not widely understood.


The HROA is also a way for customers, providers, and industry experts to come together, not only to make deals but also to learn from each other about building strong, lasting relationships.


A key component of the overall mission of the HROA is to support the HRO industry through education, the promotion of best practices, and elevating the HR profession by enabling individuals to attain the HRO industrys first, and only, professional designationthe Certified Professional Outsourcing (CPO) designation.


The HROA believes that HRO is a catalyst for practical, strategic, and efficient HR management. It is committed to elevating the contributions and value creation HR professionals offer to the management of resources and people.


The HROA asserts its mission via groundbreaking research, first-in-industry benchmarks, standardized metrics, best practices, and industry case studies. You can get a taste for all the HROA provides by visiting the association Web  

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