Getting Higher – 10/8

Recently, digital recruiting provider HireVue has made great strides. On October 2, HireVue announced expansion of its talent interaction platform TM, its partnership with Sequoia Capital, and that it has raised $25 million with participation from Kickstart Fund and existing investors. Mickey Arabelovic will represent Sequoia on the HireVue board.
HireVue’s talent interaction platform alleviates all the previous problems of the digital hiring processes, since it includes HireVue’s flagship digital screening and live interviewing capabilities, as well as new solutions for sourcing, skills validation and onboarding – enabling "Hi-Def Digital Recruiting". The platform benefits all parties involved since it allows employers to accurately examine the candidates from all realms, while allowing the candidates and employees to represent themselves without letting their potential get misconstrued by existing applicant tracking, talent management, business and social applications.
The offerings of the Talent Interaction Platform include HireVue for sourcing (new), screening, validation (new), interviewing, and onboarding (new). HireVue’s development this week only adds to the success HireVue has experienced recently. Over the past year, the company has launched five new products, successfully completed and integrated the acquisition of CodeEval, more than doubled the team and welcomed a world-class customer base including more than 20 percent of the Fortune 100. During the fiscal second quarter, the company closed, on average, more than one deal per day. HireVue will utilize the funding to expand its platform, services and team to address accelerating market demand for broader talent interactions.

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