Why be part of a committee?

A meeting is not chairs around a table. It is minds around an idea.

Become a Committee Member today and contribute to the creation, validation, and enhancement of tools, standards, and practices that will be used, distributed, and promoted by the Association to help advance the HR industry and serve HR professionals. Committee involvement and activities link to the HRO Today Association’s Value Proposition.

Being a committee member lets you:

  • Create HR service and technology tools, processes, resources, and more to strengthen and advance the industry, as well as help our members to engage, grow and learn. (alignment to value proposition #4)
  • Share existing skills/knowledge (alignment to value proposition #3)
  • Learn or enhance a skill/competency (alignment to value proposition #1)
  • Work with a cross-functional team of HR providers and practitioners to build relationships and grow your network (alignment to value proposition #2)
  • Create and/or share processes, ideas, templates, perspectives, business/team/individual successes, industry knowledge, research, and metrics. And, educate our members on industry information, resources, how-to examples, trends, and lessons learned. (alignment to value proposition #5)

Your checklist to get started:

  • Review the 2022 committee project plan (download) and committee member job description (also found on the Administrative Committee page of this site).
  • Join one of the committees by emailing Steve Farace at Steve.Farace@SharedXpertise.com. Once on a committee, the Committee Co-Chairs or Project Leaders will discuss current initiatives and help determine the project or projects that are right for you.
  • Only volunteer for the specific projects of interest. Project commitments may be as little as 1-2 hours in duration; others may be more involved depending upon the project scope and complexity. You control what role you play in the project, and YOU decide how much time you can contribute. Project meetings are virtual, and often much of the work and communication can be completed via email. Cannot attend every project meeting? Not a problem. Meeting recaps are distributed, and a detailed project plan with deliverables, deadlines, and drivers is maintained to share information within and across project teams.
  • Refer a colleague to join a committee!

Like joining a Health Club, results and return on investment of your Association membership are better when you show up and invest the time. Not quite ready to sign up for a committee right now? Perhaps next month. Now ask yourself, “What will I show up to do this month?” Visit our Get Engaged page to learn about other opportunities.