HR Table Talks provide a safe space for members of the HRO Today Association to discuss challenging issues. These are not slide-driven webinars, they are virtual conversations, connecting like-minded individuals in similar circumstances for advice and support.

HR Table Talks are a unique networking and learning opportunity for members of the HRO Today Association.

  • Attendance is limited to create a feeling of closeness and security.
  • Participants can see and communicate directly with other members
  • Sessions are not recorded so participants can be completely open and honest.
  • There are no slides, and the conversation is 100% member driven.

A member facilitator helps guide the conversation, adding their expertise and perspective.

Members come away from HR Table Talks with insights they cannot get anywhere else – only from those who are experiencing the same circumstances and challenges, right now.

“Thank you for today’s HR Table Talk. What great conversation and shared information. I look forward to implementing some of the ideas shared by the group. Looking forward to future sessions.”

– Lisa Williams, Director, Talent Management, Physicians Endoscopy

“I really liked the small size of the group.
It allowed for everyone to chime in with their thoughts and ask questions.”

Sarah McMullen, Diversity Program Manager, Talent Acquisition, CVS Health

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Upcoming HR Table Talks

Harmonizing Your Workforce Strategy by Putting the Outcome First: The Universal Workforce Model™

Tuesday, October 4th | 11:00 AM-12:00 PM ET

The journey to harmonized workforce strategy and management is not only possible, it’s here. The Universal Workforce Model™ (UWM) is an outcome-first approach to aligning workforce and resource needs to the work that must be done. The model harmonizes currently siloed workforce channels, including employees, contingent workers, services providers, and automation.

This session will offer you the opportunity to discuss the following with you peers:

  • Structural and stakeholder problems that preclude strategic workforce management
  • Ways to harmonize siloed resources and operationalize workforce agility by rethinking and deconstructing the work needed to achieve an outcome
  • How to apply technology to enable data-led decision-making
  • Why now is the time to act and drive transformational change for your business

You are encouraged to bring your own related questions and ideas to the discussion and share your experience to help others walk away from the session with new insights and ideas.

Facilitated by: Bruce Morton, Global Head of Strategy, Allegis Global Solutions

Overcoming Recruitment and Retention Obstacles in Today’s Labor Market

Tuesday, October 11th | 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM ET

Join us to share your views and hear what your peers have to say about the following:

  • What unique recruiting strategies are you utilizing now and what’s working?
  • Does anyone have an employer value proposition that they are proud of and interested in sharing? How did you go about developing your EVP?
  • Has your attrition rate increased over the last few years? What creative strategies are you using to retain employees?
  • Learning & Development programs are critical. Has anyone seen success utilizing upskilling or reskill training to find/develop untapped talent internally?
  • What specifically about your company culture do you believe is different and contributes to attracting candidates?

You are encouraged to bring your own related questions to the discussion and share your experience to help others walk away from the session with new insights and ideas.

Facilitated by: Mike Brann, Director of Business Development for Broadleaf Results

Past Sessions

Competency-Based Leadership Development Programs: Worth the Investment? | Wednesday, April 27 | 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM ET

With tens of millions of US workers voluntarily leaving their jobs in the last 18 months, much energy has been devoted to tackling the root causes of the Great Resignation, especially from a recruiting, onboarding, and employee wellness perspective.

The staff who remain are typically working shorthanded and fighting to overcome challenges resulting from gaps in their knowledge and skills. These conditions can spell disaster for employers, who will see even greater attrition unless they step up, pay attention, and invest in their people by offering opportunities for learning and development, as well as promotions.

This session will offer you the opportunity to explore, through discussion and shared examples, how to maximize your organization’s investment in competency-based learning and development; build or support an accountable leadership learning culture; and deliver returns through employee retention and advancement of top talent (or those on their way to be!).

Facilitated by: Karen Feeney, VP, Talent Acquisition and Development at KenCrest.

Mindset Reset for 2022: Mental Fitness for Leaders | February 1, 2022

Mental fitness focuses on building the mental agility to shift from a negative to a positive mindset. It requires small habits built over time that dramatically shift a team into a highly adaptive, resilient, and high-performing team. How are you addressing or integrating the topics of mental health, stress management, and overall well-being into the fabric of your organization? What are your key obstacles, and where are you planning to focus time, money, and energy into addressing this topic in 2022?

Facilitator: Kristen Lampert, Managing Director, Talent Consulting and Coaching, TalentRise (an Aleron company)

Shared Problem-Solving Discussion | October 21, 2021

This HR Table Talk provided a safe space for Association members to connect to seek advice, ask questions and understand how their peers are handling the same challenging situations.

Our member facilitator kicked things off with these talking points:

  • How do you engage employees in a predominantly remote workforce?
  • How has your job function changed as a result of the pandemic?

The conversation was driven from there by our member participants, who asked specific questions and shared their experience to help others walk away from the session with new insights and ideas.

Facilitator: Judd Weisgal, Senior Vice President, Madison Performance Group

Direct Sourcing for Contingent Labor | June 15, 2021

This HR Table Talks session focused on the emerging trend of companies seeking to manage their contingent labor pools through direct sourcing. It specifically examined the question: Savings and benefits of direct sourcing for contingent labor: fact or fiction? Some key questions included:

  • How are companies using direct sourcing strategies and what does it mean?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of direct sourcing?
  • What are the pros and cons of doing contingent labor management internally, and what does it mean with respect to technology and worker classification responsibilities?
  • What do you need to recognize about your employment brand and its impact on prospective savings and the success of direct sourcing?

Facilitators: Peter Carvalho, President, AllSTEM Connections, an ActOne Group Company; Rohit Sharma, AVP, Head Talent Acquisition – Americas & Canada, Infosys

Diversity & Inclusion | March 16, 2021

This session was an open, honest, and intimate conversation about the often sensitive topic of diversity and inclusion.

Facilitators: Karen Feeney, VP of Organizational Development at KenCrest, and Matt Rivera, VP of Marketing and Communications at Yoh, a Day and Zimmerman Company.