Calendar of Events

[Livestream] Reducing Recruitment Hiring Time in a Tight Labor Market

Wednesday, February 15 | 11:00 AM – 11:30 AM ET

Unprecedented market dynamics have increased the challenges in securing top talent for critical roles.  Organizations continue to struggle to retain and hire key talent due to decreasing skill availability and increasing wage compensation.  To meet hiring needs in 2023, a variety of factors must be considered to improve hiring outcomes; now more than ever ‘speed of hiring’ is a critical success factor.

This Livestream program, presented by Maureen Tanguay of GSK, will focus on how to use data analytics to optimize hiring speed throughout the end-to-end hiring process and how to embed changes for lasting impact. Maureen will share a case-study outlining how building HR analytics capability contributed to a significant decrease in hiring time at GSK.

Presented by: Maureen Tanguay, Global Head of Recruitment Operations and Talent Solutions for GSK.

[HR Table Talk] How to Build a World-Class Company Culture

Wednesday, February 22 | 11:00 AM – 11:45 AM ET

Join this virtual roundtable discussion, led by association member Kathleen Pai, on how to build a world-class culture and become an employer of choice.  Come ready to exchange ideas and learn during this discussion on topics including:

  • Focusing on the candidate and employee experience
  • The value of culture enhancers
  • Driving engagement to build a culture of belonging
  • The importance of recognition, continuous learning and core values for company culture

Facilitated by: Kathleen Pai, Chief People Officer for N-able

[HR Table Talk] Getting the Work Done: The Benefits of a Fluid Workforce

Thursday, March 9 | 11:00 AM – 11:45 AM ET

With the talent landscape rapidly changing, is your organization positioned to employ a fluid workforce that enables business leaders to move talent where and when it is needed?  

This virtual roundtable discussion, led by member Catherine Feely, will allow attendees to exchange ideas and insights on the process of building a fluid workforce through upskilling & reskilling, including:

  1. The benefits of upskilling & reskilling
  2. Identifying skills that need to be developed
  3. Enabling and empowering a workforce based on skills advancement versus linear advancement
  4. Building a culture that supports skills-based fluidity
  5. The effect of a fluid workforce on the employee experience, especially when viewed through the lens of a tight labor market

Facilitated by: Catherine Feely, Director, Talent Acquisition for Orion Talent