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Thriving in the Digital Age

A data-driven, skills-based approach to talent management and hiring can improve the employee experience and increase retention. By Jarin Schmidt Companies have been challenged to adapt to the digital age…

Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Three lessons learned from the pandemic’s quick shift to a remote workforce that will have a lasting impact.

By Joan Burke

HR teams have always evolved quickly, but 2020 has truly tested the limits of what’s possible. At the beginning of the year, DocuSign embarked on a study to take the temperature of today’s HR leaders. The results of the HR Trends 2020 report found was that these professionals overwhelmingly recognize hiring (28 percent) and employee benefits (16 percent) as their top two priorities, but are running into hurdles freeing up time to focus on those responsibilities. In a standard week, tedious operations and payroll tasks left respondents with hardly any time to do their most important work. Half a year—and one global pandemic—later, it’s more apparent than ever that HR needs to evolve.

Strength in Support

CHRO Amber C. Kennelly shares how her organization pivoted due to the pandemic—and ways the business has changed for the better.

By The Editors

The COVID-19 pandemic forced organizations to be more agile and flexible than ever as they responded to unprecedented business disruption while maintaining fluid operations. HR teams carried a heavy weight, taking on the burden of navigating the transition to remote work and soothing employee anxieties in an uncertain climate. Here, Amber C. Kennelly, CHRO of insurance brokerage HUB International, shares how her organization managed the shift to remote work while maintaining employee engagement and well-being.

Shifting the Talent Curve

Organizations need to rethink how they manage talent and develop the next generation of leaders. By Ruediger Schaefer Today’s optimism for growth is limited by a lack of organizational agility.…

Gaining Through Global Mobility

Talent retention, a skilled workforce, and engaged employees are just a few benefits of international relocation programs. By Audrey Roth The recent rocky state of the economy has challenged organizations…