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Shifting the Talent Curve

shiftingthetalentcurveOrganizations need to rethink how they manage talent and develop the next generation of leaders.

By Ruediger Schaefer

Today’s optimism for growth is limited by a lack of organizational agility. C-suite leaders who look to retire after sailing through rough recessionary waters are tethered by weak leadership pipelines that threaten not only their next move, but also their organization’s growth potential. Boardrooms around the world are feeling the repercussions of the financial cutbacks, belt-tightening and right-sizing that knocked talent management off the executive agenda. Insufficient investment in talent development has hit organizations hard and at all levels. Increasingly, employers struggle with grooming and growing the talent needed to fill leadership positions with individuals who have the skills needed to turn strategy into action.

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Gaining Through Global Mobility

relostoryimageTalent retention, a skilled workforce, and engaged employees are just a few benefits of international relocation programs.

By Audrey Roth

The recent rocky state of the economy has challenged organizations to rethink their global mobility strategies. One particular driver has been talent. How can organizations find, attract, cultivate, and retain the top talent? One solution is to align their global mobility strategy with talent management goals. Organizations can enhance their employer brand, develop the workforce, retain top talent, and engage their employees by allowing them to have new professional experiences in a variety of geographic locations. The integration of these goals can make planning the global mobility program an attainable action item.

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