October 2017

Little’s Big Impact

By investing in employees, Zurich has seen increases in engagement levels and net promoter scores to boot.

By Debbie Bolla

Although his surname may mean diminutive, Brian Little has only done big things for Zurich North America. As head of human resources for the insurance provider, Little intrinsically understands the direct link between exceptional employees and satisfied customers. Striving to be “a company of choice for insurance in North America and globally” means focusing on what differentiates Zurich from competitors, and Little believes it’s how Zurich interacts with clients. That interaction is one of the main drivers behind his “Zurich Oxygen” initiative: a program that completely shifts how managers work at the insurance company.

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One Step Ahead

New research reveals the top sources for talent and how organizations can leverage them.

By Amber Hyatt

Recently, it has been said that it’s a candidate’s job market with the competition for talent fiercer than ever. In a nutshell, U.S. companies have more job vacancies that are taking longer to fill due to increased competition. And when those vacancies are eventually filled, employees are leaving those jobs voluntarily at a high rate. Clearly, modern job seekers view their interactions with a company -from recruitment to exit interview -as a single integrated experience, and organizations need to adopt an approach that delivers a compelling and connected experience.

Editor’s Note: HR as a Business

By Debbie Bolla

If you want to be a business partner, you need to think like a business partner. This philosophy has helped Brian Little reshape how Zurich North America approaches HR. When the head of HR joined the insurance provider six years ago, he had an agreement with the CEO that HR would have a seat at the table. What helped in ensuring that promise was HR earning some big wins.

HRO Today Association Update: Time to Shake Things Up!

By Zachary Misko

We talk a lot about talent acquisition at HRO Today -during sessions at our forum events, in magazine articles, in the webinars and research with our global HR association members, for example. Why wouldn’t we? After all, we’ve been hearing “it’s all about the people,” “the candidate experience is important,” and “employees are your biggest asset” for many, many years now. I don’t disagree; people are at the heart of the world of HUMAN resources. But as processes, protocols, daily life, people, and technology continue to evolve, business and HR must as well.

Zachary Misko HRO Today