From Peripheral to Front and Centre

The COVID-19 pandemic has reaffirmed the importance of HR as a strategic business partner.

By Simon Kent

With the greatest impact of the pandemic falling on an organisation’s people, it is not surprising that the past year has increased the need for strategic and strong leadership within HR. Research from HR software provider Personio shows the HR function has played a critical role in the business response, with eight out of 10 respondents saying HR has been integral to helping their organisations successfully adapt to the new normal.

By the Numbers

Effective data collection, storage, and analysis is critical to future business success.

By Simon Kent

As the pandemic took hold of workplaces across EMEA, organisations found it necessary to shift every aspect of their business online. HR was among the departments where data had to be digitised, ensuring people information was accessible to all who needed it.

Becoming Future-Ready

Companies are adapting their learning and assessment strategies to meet the ever-changing needs of the post-pandemic workforce.

By Simon Kent

Identifying and developing high-potential employees is always a challenge. Doing it in a pandemic introduces another layer of difficulty since the usual process of bringing people together to assess existing skills and learn new ones has been impossible.

Editor’s Note: Make Some Noise

By Simon Kent

The immense task of dealing with the impact of the pandemic over the past year has been a challenge like no other and a double-edged sword for HR. HR has had to work hard to manage and protect its workforce from major disruption and hardship whilst also ensuring the business it serves is agile enough to adapt, survive, and even thrive in whatever circumstances emerge.

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