Marketing supported by evidence…

With unprecedented access to vital information about the industry and your prospective clients, the HRO Marketing Services department can truly be dubbed a marketing science team. The data and analytics collected by our marketing science team allows us to develop all-encompassing integrated marketing plans that incorporate forward thinking, relationship building, lead management, tracking and reporting. Let us help you build or re-invigorate your marketing effort using:

• Market Analysis • Industry Trends, Surveys, Studies
• Research Data & Analytics Integration • Mission, Vision, Values
• Marketing Scope, Management • Strategy & Planning
• Media Planning

Contact HRO Today Marketing Services for a free brand assessment and let’s get started on creating sales-aligned, integrated strategies that combine a mix of marketing tactics to reach your prospects at every stage of the purchasing journey.

For more information, call 215-606-9557 to talk about creating a customized program to meet the needs of your unique partner marketing program.

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