Keynote Presentation: A Leadership Perspective – Towards Successful Employee Engagement And Retention In 2022
Presented By: Ivanka Janssen, Chief Supply Chain Officer and Executive Vice President, Phillips

The conference will open with a high level leadership perspective on the top drivers of employee retention for the next twelve months. What can we expect employee engagement to look like in the months ahead? Ivanka will address topics such as:

  • Employee engagement and retention in 2022 – how has the world changed?
  • The current drivers of attrition; where do we need to focus? From diversity and inclusion to better employee engagement
  • What does real leadership look like and how can you inspire your workforce?
  • Managing the transition from the traditional employee experience to whole life experience


The Great Resignation: How Can We Cut Attrition Through Improved Employee Engagement?
Presented By: Patrick Daniel, Vice President – Human Resources, Bonnell Aluminium

Approximately 40% employees are expected to look for a new role in 2022 in a quest for greater growth opportunities and reduced stress. This session will look at how current trends are an opportunity for organizations to “re-skill” their workforces and reduce attrition through better employee engagement.

  • The Great Resignation: what to expect in 2022 and how to reduce attrition in the current environment
  • The importance of upskilling and reskilling the workforce
  • Working closely with employees to identify their goals and aspirations
  • Attracting, retaining and upskilling talent
  • The increasing importance of diversity and inclusion: the impact on employee engagement


A Holistic Approach To Building Culture, Retaining Teams, And Performance Management
Presented By: Melanie Williams, VP – Senior Director of Human Resources, Atlantic Coast Mortgage

  • Why building a strong culture is important and how to incorporate your values in the entire employee lifecycle
  • Strategies for engagement in and out of the office
  • Supporting managers to provide effective feedback
  • Developing ongoing performance management to drive performance


Panel Discussion: How To Effectively Engage Employees During The Onboarding Process As A Long Term Retention Driver
Presented By: Angela Elder, Senior Vice President – Global Human Resources, Skyview Capital

This session will provide a step-by-step guide to delivering a seamless pre-onboarding experience – with a focus on key interactions to drive initial connectivity. It will delve into how you can revise your post-Covid onboarding strategy to drive inclusivity and build a more driven, energized workforce.

  • What are the key foundations of an optimal onboarding strategy for a largely remote workforce? What to prioritize
  • Setting employees up for early success by effective integration, knowledge transfer and relationship-building
  • What is the basis of a successful onboarding program? From leadership to engagement activities and purposeful content
  • Post-onboarding – how to maintain momentum


Creating An Employee Engagement Survey That Works In Today’s World
Presented By: Stephanie McClendon, Chief of Retail Community Banking, First Federal Bank

How successful do you really think you are at encouraging the employee voice at a strategic level? Many organizations pay it lip service but few do it well and even fewer leverage the results to drive internal improvement.

  • Qualitative listening: what mechanisms do you have in place to listen to and act on the employee voice?
  • Fostering an open, communicative and honest workplace environment to drive productivity and growth
  • Beyond surveys: what are the other two-way communication channels to capture and action the employee voice?
  • Leveraging the employee voice to improve decision-making and drive innovation


Management’s Role In Retaining Key Employees And Creating A Great Culture
Presented By: Karen Weeks, SVP People, Ordergroove

This presentation will deep-dive into key initiatives by Ordergroove in building a consistent culture based on core values, both of the company and its employees, including:

  • What are the core foundations of a “great culture” in the current environment?
  • Understanding what your employees want from their workplace and how does this translate into increased retention?
  • Aligning company values with employee values
  • How can companies equip their managers to be an active partner in retaining their top people?


Innovative Strategies To Engage Employees In Their Health and Wellness To Drive Commitment And Loyalty
Presented By: Nicole Stec, Director – Well-Being, Banner Health

In this presentation, you will learn more about the inextricable link between employee health (physical, mental and financial) and performance. To what extent has the pandemic increased the importance of the work-life balance with an even greater focus on life?

  • Examples of successful workplace wellness program engagement – an overview of events, services and resources
  • Involving key stakeholders across the workforce to leverage insight and ensure the delivery of a tailored approach
  • Best practice approaches to implementational success: from communication to building the optimal health environment and connecting with employees at all levels
  • Key measures to capture feedback and evaluate success / room for improvement


Serving Together: Building An “Others-Focused” Team For Excellent Outcomes
Presented By: John Adamcik, Director – Human Resources, Baptist Children’s Homes of North Carolina, Inc

The organization’s 350 employees have an average employment tenure of over 8 years, and represent a group of professionals who share a common vision and strive to help others through a servant-hearted approach to our work. Although secondary trauma is a reality in the industry, this case study will demonstrate how to recruit, engage, and retain a dedicated staff that recognizes the need to put others first, and strives to achieve excellence in everything.

  • Recruiting for organizational culture
  • Connecting with intrinsic motivation in employee engagement
  • Helping each employee thrive while they help others
  • Building relationships among varied personalities
  • Knowing the goals: Communication, metrics, and recognition
  • Celebrating successes while challenging for continuous improvement
  • Keeping a people-focused approach to change


Case Study: Innovative Reward And Recognition Programs To Reduce Employee Turnover
Presented By: Lisa Hutcherson, SVP – Director of Human Capital Strategies, First Federal Bank

This session will present a comprehensive overview of the top ways to acknowledge and reward top talent in today’s challenging business environment. It is well known that a robust rewards and recognition system drives employee retention but how can this be implemented on a changing business environment and on a budget

  • Redesigning current strategies to demonstrate employee appreciation
  • Beyond the bank account: what are the most impactful ways to reward loyal and high performing employees?
  • An overview of innovative reward packages and other benefits
  • Other cost-effective ways to drive employee motivation and increase productivity


Reimagining Reward And Recognition To Attract, Engage, And Retain Your Workforce: Lessons Learned From COVID-19
Presented By: Ryann Redmond, Senior Consultant – Engagement Solutions, Reward Gateway

Organizations globally and locally are facing unprecedented labor pressures, and these challenges will not subside anytime soon. Drawing on lessons learned during the height of the pandemic, some industry leaders have introduced innovative ways to attract, engage and retain their people. This in turn has created environments where employees feel motivated, valued and connected to one another – and their organization’s overall purpose. The result? More agile, engaged and loyal employees that consistently deliver their best work and drive business results. Attend this session to learn how to:

  • Deliver a reward and recognition program that improves employee engagement, performance and wellbeing in meaningful ways, such as in-the-moment recognition for frontline workers
  • Offer reward and recognition best practices proven to maximize impact on your core business metrics, such as flexibility, choice transparency and even custom rewards
  • Create a reward and recognition experience that brings your unique company culture to life
  • Reduce HR administration while adding more moments of reward and recognition


The Future Of Work And Employee Experiences Design: Towards Ultimate Performance And Competitive Advantage
Presented By: Donald Avery, Vice President Human Resources and Business Strategy, Vela Insurance Services

This presentation will look at the increasing importance of human-centered design thinking and its role across the HR function. Attendees will learn more about how to create the ultimate experience from the perspective of the employee throughout their journey in addition to:

  • One size won’t fit all: understanding the profiles of your employees and adopting a tailored approach
  • Persona building and employee journey mapping
  • From ideation to problem framing, brainstorming and role play
  • Translating a design experience strategy into reality – nominating key stakeholders, establishing milestone and defining performance indicators


Panel Discussion: Exploring The Relationship Between Diversity And Inclusion (D&I) And Long Term Employee Retention
Moderated By: Netta Jenkins, VP – Global Inclusion, Unqork
Mangen Rowe, Director Global Employee Experience, Allegion
Jared Fitzpatrick, SVP for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Dallas Regional Chamber

This session will delve into the increasing role of diversity and inclusion in driving employee engagement across organizations. It will delve into the catalysts of change and look at key initiatives being deployed to put D&I at the top of the corporate agenda. Topics to be discussed will include:

  • How D&I can drive employee engagement through a more inclusive, connective and collaborative workforce
  • As the pandemic created a priority shift, how to put D&I back at the top of the corporate agenda
  • Innovative initiatives to build a diverse workforce and eliminate unconscious bias through education
  • Putting in place mechanisms to constantly review, adapt and improve D&I
  • What to do when initiatives fail: from leadership absence to internal resistance and implementational inconsistency


Empowering Employees Through Impact
Presented By: Jessica Nolin, Global Social Responsibility Leader, UIPath

This presentation will explore how to empower your workforce through impact. The presenter will discuss ways to position employees as the drivers of their own development through means such as:

  • Giving employees access to the tools and information to visualize their own growth opportunities within the organization
  • Developments in goal alignment software as a mobility tool
  • Communicating the benefits of lateral moves for employees
  • Implementing talent assessments and building talent pipelines – aligning skillsets and potential with opportunities
  • The result: increased retention and a motivated workforce