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123 South Broad Street, Suite 2570
Philadelphia, PA 19109
215-606-9520 (phone)
267-800-2701 (fax)

Editorial Department

Debbie Bolla

Media Sales

Gale Tedeschi
+1-215-606-9520, ext. 106

Event Sponsorships

Berthony Poux
Vice President, Partnerships & Events
Tel: +1 267.928.4133

Custom Research

Elliot Clark
CEO & Chairman
Tel: +1 215.606.9531

HRO Today Association

Renee Preston
Senior Vice President of Membership Services, Global Director of HRO Today Association
+1 215.606.9562

Articles for Distribution

Jill Kaletha
Reprint Marketing Manager
Tel: 574-347-4211