2023 HRO Today Association Company/Team Award Nomination Form – North America

Nominate a team, either at your own company or another, that has made an inspirational impact on a product, group, organization, or even the HR industry. All nominations are required to provide evidence of how nominees garnered impactful results through work within their organizations or the HR industry overall.

You may submit nominations for one or multiple categories. Choose the award for which you are submitting a nomination below. If you'd like to submit multiple nominations, please submit separate nomination forms.

Best In Class: Candidate Experience

This award recognizes a company for excellence in attracting and engaging people and delivering profitable growth through their employer branding efforts. Winners in this category should demonstrate success with candidate experience and branding efforts for their employees and candidates, and also show how this coincides with or is linked to the focus, care and coherence that has long characterized effective management of the customer brand experience.

Best in Class: Employee Experience

A positive Employee Experience breeds happy employees, which not only builds a stronger work culture, but also impacts business performance. Tell us about your best talent management programs, showcase your employee experience success stories and key retention strategies to ensure job satisfaction and that make your company a great place to work!

Best in Class: HR Technology

How is your company utilizing technology differently, more efficiently, and in ways that make the lives of your employees and/or customers happier? Showcase your latest technology advancement, upgrade, or unique solution that uses or enables technology to work more efficiently and successfully on one or more areas of the Human Resource function. This can be a standalone private labeled technology developed for use within your company or a new technology that you’ve taken to market for the entire industry.

Best in Class: Innovation (non-technical)

This award recognizes forward thinking, innovation, or a breakthrough idea, resulting in improved employee and/or customer satisfaction, better business performance, and/or an advancement for the industry. While technology may play a role, we ask that for this award you focus on the nontechnology components or aspects of a successful new program, practice, policy, product or service that benefit the organization its employees and/or the way they work.

Business Partnership

A business partner or alliance can be crucial for businesses. Tell us about a business partnership between an organization and an HR services or technology provider and why it is successful. IMPORTANT! This is a dual award. If a nomination is chosen as a finalist, BOTH parties are expected to attend the ceremony and BOTH will be listed on the actual award.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Excellence

Diversity is the mix, and inclusion is making the mix work. More formally, diversity is the composition of individuals in a group. Inclusion consists of the requisite programs and organizational strategies that welcome and embrace the strengths each person brings to the mix. How does your company excel in these areas?

Recruitment Team of the Year

Recruitment teams manage the process of finding and hiring the best-qualified candidates from within or outside an organization in a timely and cost-effective manner. The recruitment process may include analyzing the requirements of a job, attracting applicants, screening and selecting candidates, hiring, metrics and data collection, and/or integrating the new employee to the organization. This award recognizes the recruitment TEAM that does this best!

HR Team of the Year

This award recognizes the HR Team that has excelled within their function and across the organization by partnering with key executives and stakeholders, employees, and/or HR services and technology partners. The winner in this category should be able to showcase not only their HR excellence through initiatives created and completed, but also cross-functional synergies and bottom line performance.

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Finalists or a representative are expected to attend the virtual award ceremony in their respective region, no exceptions: EMEA/North America on December 1, 2023, 11AM ET; and APAC on December 13, 2023, 8PM ET.

Please note that due to a large number of submissions, only finalists will be contacted.