Special On-Demand Livestream: Shifting Back to Normal after COVID-19: A Perspective from Asia


Wendy Tan, Co-Founder, The Flame Centre, Singapore

COVID-19 has had such a halting effect on the economy, impacting our families, our communities and our very way of life. What we’re facing is daunting, but we can be heartened by everyday acts of courage, humanity and love that are happening in the workplace and our communities. Invaluable support has been demonstrated via resources offered by government programs, service and technology providers, nonprofit sectors and groups like the HRO Today Association — resources that provide information and support to organizations, the workforce and consumers worldwide.

In a conversation with Wendy Tan, Co-Founder of the Flame Centre in Singapore and a member of the Association’s APAC Board of Directors, Global Director Emeritus of the HRO Today Association Zachary Misko discusses the current state in Singapore and the APAC region overall. In the live interview, Wendy shares her insights on what work looks like now and how people and organizations are responding as many in the APAC region return to work, or some version of it. She also shares tools and resources that the Flame Centre is offering to organizations, lessons learned, reactions — and a reminder of what really matters.

Members can listen to the livestream conversation here.