Committees aren’t about people sitting around a table.
They’re about putting minds around an idea.

Working as a committee member is a valued role that supports the growth of the Association. Members can sharpen skill sets, connect with a cross-section of HR professionals, and increase their visibility within the industry by contributing just 1 to 2 hours a month.

Please review the job descriptions for committee members and co-chairs to understand the skills and time commitment needed. To join a committee, contact Steve Farace at

HRO Today Association Committees

Member Resources and Engagement

Wendy DiMartino | Co-Chair

VP, Client Services, RPO

Karen Feeney | Co-Chair

Vice President of Organizational Development

Darren Bartholomew

Head of HR Systems and Info Planning

Cristine Kane

VP, Solution Design & Technology Innovation

Alyssa Thach

Co-founder & CEO

Ashley Veney

Sr. Organizational Development Lead

Sandra Zawacki

Executive Director, Client Solutions

HRO Today Association Liaison for the Member Resources and Engagement Committee: Steve Farace

The Member Resources and Engagement Committee is responsible for ensuring that the professional development and networking activities of the HRO Today Association meet members’ needs. The Committee advises on areas such as:

  • HRO Today Association website
  • Member Directory
  • Livestream calendar
  • Awards program

Standards and Practices

Brian Bules


Breakthrough Business Strategy Solutions (BBBS)

Brian Knapp

SVP, Analytics and Infrastructure

Nia Nikolopoulos

Executive Director, Talent Acquisition

Predrag Pivarski

Head of Talent Acquisition

Maria Rosploch

Global Vice President, Process & Strategy

Antoine Starek

Vice President – Business Services

Greg Vaughn

Senior Director of Client Program Delivery

HRO Today Association Liaison for the Standards and Practices Committee: Zachary Misko

The Standards and Practices Committee directs the HRO Today Association’s activities for advancing the practice for human resources. The Committee advises on areas such as:

  • HR Procurement Center
  • HR systems and tools
  • HRO Today Association Member Content Library

Committee Co-Chairs and Members: Go to the Administrative Committee Page to view the Project Plan Document and Meeting Notes.