HRO Today Provider Certification Program

HRO Today has combined its in-depth understanding of the HR market, possession of extensive data, and insights from a global group of Association members to create the HRO Today Provider Certification Program. This program is a powerful differentiator for HR service providers, helping them better position themselves in a crowded market.

And, by including only Certified Providers in our HR Procurement Center (currently in the final stages of construction), the Program helps to deliver a safer, more efficient procurement process to buyers. Download the Brochure

Current HRO Today Certified Providers

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Why become an HRO Today Certified Provider?

To Gain Market Advantage
This badge or “seal of approval” indicates that you have undergone evaluation and testing to verify that you are a credible and trusted provider. This form of certification ensures customers have access to qualified service providers in the HR services and technology industry.

To Earn Business Deals
Some organizations require certification to ensure that customers have access to qualified service providers who are operating with a verified level of trust in the HR industry.

To Ensure Consistency
The HRO Today Certification Provider seal must be renewed annually to ensure continued compliance. The HRO Today Association defines and establishes these compliance standards to ensure a continuum of improved efficiency and customer satisfaction.

To Protect Consumers
Certification gives consumers the confidence to target providers operating at an established level of service. The HRO Today Certified Provider protects the health and safety of HR practitioners and clients.

Be featured on the HR Procurement Center


Only certified providers are featured on the HRO Today HR Procurement Center, the world’s first virtual HR marketplace. The HR Procurement Center was created to help HR leaders navigate the procurement process and ensure they have access to the most trusted and reputable vendors. Download the brochure

What are HR leaders saying about Certification?

“Yoh prioritized this certification and are proud to be the first because of HRO Today‘s position as a trusted source for the buyer community. This certification provides buyers with reassurance and gives providers like Yoh another benchmark for ensuring we are always providing the highest quality service to the HR community.”
-Kim R. Davis, Former Vice President, RPO Sales Support and Strategy, Yoh

HRO Today is the preeminent analyst group in our industry, and their partnership and insights are vital to our business. Gaining this certification allows us to quickly differentiate ourselves in a crowded market. Clients and prospects know immediately that we are a validated supplier and partner, which provides us instant credibility.”
-Yates Baker, VP, Client Solutions, Sevenstep

“Madison has always held itself to the highest standards of accountability and transparency. We are pleased to have these standards recognized by becoming a certified provider with HRO Today, an organization that we have worked with closely over the years and that is admired by so many businesses in the HR industry, including ours.”
-Alex Alaminos, CEO, Madison Performance Group

“We are delighted to receive endorsement from HRO Today as a Certified Provider. It reinforces our position as a trusted partner to our clients, delivering services with consistently high standards and ethics across our global business”
-Jeff Eberwein, CEO, Hudson Global, Inc.

HRO Today Provider Certification Process

The auditing process examines five components. Applicants receive points for successfully completed steps. 100 points are needed to earn the Certified Provider badge.

Step 1 – The Application
General company data, facts, and figures are requested.

Step 2 and 3 – Provider Questionnaire
Questions about the company include their experience, qualifications, financial well-being, labor commitments, and practices.

Step 4 – In-Depth Provider Questionnaire
Questions about your approach and methodology as they relate to the services you provide. Includes questions about your ethics and standards.

Step 5 – References
Two to three references will be checked to evaluate satisfaction of current customers within the previous 12 months. Applicants who have been selected for Baker’s Dozen within the previous 12 months can bypass this step.

Get Started!
To get started, complete and submit the application form (step 1 of 5) and submit the application fee.



  • All applicants pay a non-refundable application fee of $199
  • HRO Today Association Members: $799 / Renewal $499*
  • Non-Members: $999 / Renewal $999

*Members of the HRO Today Association receive discounted pricing on their certification and renewal. Find out about other benefits of membership.