HRO Today Advisory Services is here to support business leaders in implementing valuable HR solutions, faster:

  • Are you struggling to keep up with demand from the business, hire recruiters, stand up new infrastructure, invest in modern tools, transform your stakeholder experience?
  • Do you need to stand up trusted solutions fast? You haven’t got 6-12 months to learn about the market, take feedback, then develop and run an RFP, workshop with multiple suppliers…you need to get moving with real solutions.

Leverage HRO Today’s group of Executive Experts to get the solution you need, months quicker! Avoid RFIs, market analysis, RFP design, workshop cycles, redesign & re-do loops… – engage our Advisory Services team to get to value faster.


Business leaders should understand the different tools and services that are available and at their disposal for improving the process most effectively.

This can be a daunting task, taking several months to sort through the hundreds of potential solutions out there that claim they can fill your jobs, improve employee experience, or help make processes more efficient – which makes it difficult to distinguish which service and technology partners are best for your HR departmental needs.

By engaging the expertise of HRO Today’s Advisory Services, you get a Rapid Response Team who can accelerate your learning, reduce time wasting and repeated processes, and get to a value position more quickly so your business is not under pressure.


HRO Today Advisory Services offers buying advice from a team of certified and experienced, executive experts, including Zachary Misko and SharedXpertise CEO, Elliot Clark.

HRO Today has the strength to offer executives a dedicated executive expert to assist the decision maker and/or key stakeholders in managing the process(es) of the Evaluation and Selection stages of the procurement process. This individual will provide best practices, industry knowledge and tips as well as key resources and templates utilized during the Evaluation and/or Selection stage.

If you have determined that the best way to overhaul your HR strategy (Recruiting/RPO, MSP, Total Workforce Solutions, Relocation, Recognition, Employee Screening, Employee Engagement and/or Learning and Development) to match the new challenges ahead is by partnering with an outsourced HR services and technology provider, then HRO Today Advisory Services can be a helpful resource and partner.

HRO Today Advisory Services brings the speed and value to allow organizations to uncover resilient solutions, taking months off of the evaluation and selection process. This can be the difference of making budget or missing it and even going out of business because you don’t have the right solution to achieve business goals.


When you secure HRO Today Advisory Services, our Executive Experts work with your executive and/or HR team as both a proactive consultant and an on-call advisor, available to provide input and contributions to strategy and decisions, when needed.

Whether it’s RPO, MSP, Total Workforce Solutions, Relocation, Employee Screening, Talent Acquisition Technology, Learning & Development, it can all be done from a single resource, by a company HR people already know and trust.

We offer three distinct tiers of service to leaders:

What to Expect from Your Executive Expert

Your EE will function as an extension of your leadership team. The EE’s only agenda is helping you and your company create the most successful strategy to meet your organizational goals. You can expect to receive guidance on:

  • Input, coaching, feedback, and direction on strategy, plans, and how the area of service fits into your overall business plan
  • Overall trends, pressures, and challenges, and what we’re seeing from other companies and industry leaders
  • How to address challenges and key initiatives specific to your business, organization, and culture

Speak to an Executive Expert

Connect with us to discuss your goals and vision, and we’ll schedule an introduction with the expert that can best serve you.

Contact Zachary Misko to schedule an appointment.​​