HRO Today Advisory Services


HRO Today has launched a boutique advisory practice to assist organizations in achieving stronger business outcomes.

With comprehensive industry research as its foundation, HRO Today Advisory Services has developed decision tools and services around provider partner selection, benchmarking and workforce strategy, with an emphasis on simplicity and speed.  In today’s digital and highly dynamic environment, it is essential to accelerate decision-making while minimizing risk.

With our workforce expertise, innovative design thinking, and access to more than a decade of HRO Today Baker’s Dozen research and data, HRO Today Advisory Services delivers value to human resource practitioners through a collaborative approach that’s exclusive to our industry.

Why us?

  • Deep industry experience backed by trusted research
  • Boutique specialty firm – nimble and agile
  • Focused on partner sourcing and selection, benchmarking and workforce strategy
  • Improving business performance with actionable insights from research and data-driven tools

Partner Sourcing & Selection

Based on HRO Today survey data, over 69 percent of responding practitioners have used the HRO Today Baker’s Dozen ratings to support their sourcing events and more than 80 percent of these buyers’ corresponding decisions were influenced by the ratings.  HRO Today Advisory Services can go deeper into this research to advise practitioners on their partnership decisions.

Our research shows that when selecting a service provider, a knowledgeable buyer and a streamlined sourcing process will result in a more enriched and effective partnership outcome overall

For more information about HRO Today Advisory Services, contact Vince Albergato at or 215-327-0792.