You’re a business leader faced with the crucial decision of which RPO or MSP partner to select to handle your company’s hiring needs.  You simply don’t have 6-12 months to learn about the market, get the feedback you need, then develop and run an RFP, while workshopping with multiple suppliers. Who has that kind of bandwidth?

So, without the time or resources to compile and synthesize the data that will help you make this important decision, what do you rely on?

  • The opinions and referrals of others?
  • The past reputations of providers?
  • Ads and sales pitches?
  • Your gut feeling?

Or, do you seek out the one resource that has all the data and expertise you’ll need to choose a partner that will help your business grow.

HRO Today is, perhaps, best known as the producer and publisher of HR’s premier customer satisfaction ratings, the Baker’s Dozen. The Baker’s Dozen is respected across the HR community for its neutrality and objectivity.

Baker’s Dozen ratings are 100% data-driven, derived exclusively from surveys submitted by providers’ customers. They are not based on a company’s popularity, size, or wealth. The numbers are what they are.


Fidelity to the data is the hallmark of the Baker’s Dozen and HRO Today’s Advisory Services team has access to these exclusive data sets — and utilizes them in their recommendations to clients when choosing an RPO or MSP partner.

For example, among the most popular areas of outsourcing is talent acquisition and particularly, RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) and MSP (Managed Service Programs for Contingent Labor).

Did you know the most popular services acquired under those programs? At HRO Today, we do!

The input of HR executive expertise is vital in helping leaders with these make-or-break partnership decisions. Finding and procuring the best talent requires professional judgement.

So, if you’re looking for singers, trapeze artists, or jugglers, host a talent show with celebrity judges with golden buzzers.

But if you’re really looking for qualified people to fill jobs and secure the future of your organization, employ real data and experts with market experience to find a partner that can help you acquire the right kind of talent.

Remember, the selection of the right partner is not to be made lightly. A mistake can cost you everything.

Want access to the most valuable and exclusive HR data to help you decide?

Engage our Advisory Services team to get to value faster.

Have an Executive Expert by your side as you make this important choice. Contact Zachary Misko at Zachary.Misko@SharedXpertise.com to schedule an appointment and discuss needs and options.