Under Pressure: Adapting Talent Acquisiton Strategies In An Uncertain Market
Presented By: Blair Bennett, Senior Vice President Global Talent Acquisition, PepsiCo

Talent Acquisition is under pressure. Internal business shifts including digital transformations, technology acceleration and changing competitive landscapes are making talent decisions mission critical. External factors such as a global pandemic, social unrest and hyper-competitive talent pools have been catalysts for change. This session will focus on how PepsiCo Talent Acquisition has designed its strategy to adapt to these internal and external pressures by evolving our operating model, leveraging talent insights, and digitizing the candidate experience.

  • Learn how to Identify areas to standardize and simplify allowing for increased efficiency, the right organizational structure and better integration of people and technology.
  • Use talent insights to provide solutions to strategic business drivers, with a focus on the future not just today.
  • Take an end-to-end approach in evaluating the process and identifying where technology can enhance the candidate experience, and where the team should be there to humanize it.


Socially Distant Social: Recruitment Marketing In Uncertain Times
Presented By: Lauren Saunders, Head Talent Attraction, LinkedIn

Stop, start or continue? In the whirlwind that was 2020, and as the candidate marketplace goes wild in 2021, talent acquisition teams have faced a tumultuous year of continual change. While historical global events gave us some ideas to draw on, nothing in our arsenal truly prepared us for a global pandemic and how to approach the activation of our employer brand amid such uncertainty. This session will explore what recruitment marketing in a pandemic looked like, what worked, what didn’t and what is here to stay as a result.

  • Gain insight into how LinkedIn used strategy and agility to navigate employer branding during – and as we bounce back from the pandemic
  • Learn tips and tricks on activating social media as part of your recruitment marketing
  • Identify ways you can activate your employee experience to generate impactful talent brand content


The Future Of Hiring & Candidate Experience
Presented By: Carter Carrington, Vice President Talent Acquisition and Internal Mobility, TIAA

Research shows that automation and AI will replace many human tasks, thereby changing the capabilities required by organizations from their workforce. As technology continues to evolve, this requires candidate communications and the recruiting landscape to evolve as well. TIAA will address the transformative practices the organization has adopted and integrated to support a consistent positive global candidate experience.

After the session you will have identified the following:

  • Trends that are shaping the future of work
  • How companies can create a place where employees want to work
  • How to utilize technology for a consistent positive global candidate experience


Al For Talent Acquition: Focusing on Sustainable And Ethical Solutions
Presented By: Sreyoshi Bhaduri, Head Global People Research & Analytics, McGraw Hill

It is impossible to not have marveled at the capabilities of artificial intelligence and technology in the world around us! Especially in current times, while physically distanced due to the pandemic, technology connected us socially. After more than a year spent remote, we may have warmed up to the idea of increasing reliance on technology. While some of us have hired remotely, others have joined new jobs and teams remotely. AI, ML, Deep Learning, Algorithmic capabilities are terms that we are hearing increasingly In this session we will spend time understanding Artificial Intelligence and its increasing prominence in Talent Acquisition and Workforce Development. We will then spend some time examining the challenges associated with using AI for our tasks, particularly delving into some examples where AI has perpetuated bias in hiring and candidate selection.

We will then reimagine TA contexts by approaching them through a Mixed Methods lens to problem solving, while critically examining the limitations of singular methods or narratives. Finally, attendees will leave with an appreciation for learning agility among themselves, as we collectively engage in newer technologies at work and play.

Key Takeaways:

  • Through examples discussed in the panel discussion, attendees will be able to identify potential ethical challenges in employing AI to various parts of the employee life-cycle in all of HR, including TA.
  • Attendees will be able to compare and contrast research designs which employ Mixed Methods approaches, versus those that rely on singular methods to problem-solving.
  • Attendees will be able to strategize ways to sustainably and inclusively employ AI in their TA tasks.


Talent Acquisition At The Crossroads: Pandemic And Beyond
Presented By: Ekta Vyas, Deputy Chief Human Resources Officer, UC Davis Health

COVID-19 emerged as the greatest accelerator of innovative strategies in the world of talent. Of all employee life cycle stages, talent acquisition has perhaps seen the greatest transformation as the digital and social media recruitment infrastructure in the works for years came to be fully optimized and realized. As hiring speeded up for certain industries, the witnessed change for many others was more through a shift in regular versus contingent staffing ratios. The trends and multiple proclamations about the conceptualized “new normal” of acquiring and retaining talent post pandemic are yet to be seen. Its certain though that employer adaptability to the transformed candidate expectations and rules for building and sustaining workforce engagement will not stay the same.

This session will focus on how the transformation brought forth by the pandemic has influenced the internal and external realities of organizations and necessitated a stronger link between business and talent strategies.

  • Learn how company culture will be of prime significance in promoting your employer brand and attracting talent
  • Recognize what human factors are now at the forefront of recruitment and retention strategies
  • Identify and leverage the business ROI of connectivity between digital hiring for digital workplace


Has The Pandemic Changed Job Seekers?
Presented By: Peter Cappelli, Professor of Management and Director Center for Human Resources, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Pretty much everyone agrees that COVID-19 has thrown a wrench into the hiring process for both job seekers and recruiters alike. Research says the health crisis has drastically altered the job market over the last months, with lockdown restrictions causing fluctuations in demand and influencing new attitudes towards job searching, but is it true? In this session, we will consider the evidence about whether job seekers are actually behaving differently now than before the pandemic. We will explore why extended unemployment benefits appear to have little effect on job seeking and learn why to the extent that there are differences, they are mainly among job seekers who already have jobs and are likely to be short lived.


A Hiring Data Deep Dive: A RPO’s Role In Driving Intelligence Hiring Programs
Presented By:
John Hess, Executive Vice President of Operations, Advanced RPO
Tim Oyer, Vice President of RPO Solutions, Advanced RPO

All eyes are on talent acquisition to get the right people in the door to execute on evolving business objectives. What most teams are learning quickly, the hard way, is that traditional tactics used to support hiring needs are no longer working and actually pose a risk to overall business success.

What they need is a strong foundation of business intelligence to stay ahead of trends and implement effective strategies to overcome talent acquisition frustrations, yet many don’t know where to begin. This is where a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) partner can help. RPO is quickly becoming the hiring solution of choice for companies of any size, industry or location.

Effective sourcing channels. Guided candidate journeys. Meaningful metrics by geography and industry. An RPO partnership brings these advantages and more to the talent acquisition table. Executives Tim Oyer and John Hess will share real-life examples of how Advanced RPO helped its clients use data to expose their biggest barriers to hiring success and create intelligence-driven talent acquisition programs.


Minimize Talent Shortages Through Employee Retention
Presented By: Ellen Gregory, Program Manager Employee Retention and Turnover Consulting, ADP

The talent market, similar to everything else in the world, has had an unprecedented year. Talent shortages plague organizations despite an unemployment rate at 5.9% in June 2021 (BLS). Employers could gain from better understanding the evolved desires of employees in this new era to minimize employee turnover and job vacancies. With the highest employee turnover rates seen in US history at 82.2% in Q1 coupled with extraordinary wage growth at 5.3%, it has never been more important for organizations to proactively find ways to retain talent.

Join Ellen Gregory, Program Manager, Employee Retention and Turnover Consulting at ADP RPO as we review root causes of employee turnover in today’s fast-changing talent market. Gregory will highlight current talent market trends, present tools to assess turnover in your organization and recommend strategies to maximize employee retention.

Key takeaways:

  • Hear the latest employee turnover and labor market trends
  • Deep dive into the unique pandemic related factors impacting employee retention
  • Tools to reduce employee turnover through the entire employee lifecycle
  • Identify opportunities and build strategies to reduce employee turnover, and build employee engagement


Leverage Digital Tools With A Personalized Touch: Embracing Technology While Nurturing Human Connection
Presented By: William Maurer, Head of Global Talent Acquisition, Steelcase

Technology has significantly impacted both the art and the science of talent acquisition. Recent events have only accelerated this transformation. As with any change, an organization and its’ people need to adapt. This session will focus on balancing the embracement of technology with the need for a personal experience.

You will gain insights on:

  • Driving recruiting efficiency with modern tools
  • Establishing the skills that are needed for today’s recruiter
  • Maintaining a positive candidate experience


Working Through Change And Transformation: How CommScope Adapted And Evolved During COVID-19
Presented By: Julia Levy, Director Talent Acquisition, CommScope

An acquisition, a global pandemic, social unrest, a new CEO and organizational restructure. All things Julia Levy and her Talent Acquisition (TA) team had to manage through in her first 12 months as Head of Global TA at CommScope. Change happens weather we are ready for it or not. This session will share how the CommScope team embraced uncertainty to transform the recruiting function and positively impacted the business.

Learn how CommScope:

  • Harmonized two talent acquisition functions and deployed a global Contingent Worker Managed Service Provider (MSP) program and technology
  • Pivoted to enable virtual talent process and intern programs
  • Developed a new employer value proposition and activated their employer brand

Key Take Aways:

  • Tips for managing change during uncertainty
  • Ideas on how to keep recruiters and candidates engaged


Recruiting Analytics: Using Data To Improve Hiring Quality, Diversity, And Speed
Presented By: Trevor Teason, Director People Strategy and Analytics, Capital One

Many talent acquisition organizations struggle to hire talent with the quality, diversity, and speed their business partners demands. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to hire a diverse cohort of superstar employees yesterday! Talent acquisition leaders tasked with figuring out how to improve along these dimensions struggle to make progress without data. Data can help us not only identify opportunities for improvement, but also allow talent acquisition leaders to have more strategic conversations with their partners in the business. This session will focus on precisely how talent acquisition leaders can use data to deliver higher quality more diverse talent faster.

Key learnings will include:

  • How to analyze recruiting data to improve quality, diversity and speed in hiring
  • Common pitfalls and traps in recruiting data analysis
  • How you can create a continuously improving recruiting machine with data


Diverse Hiring Is Broken: Here’s How To Fix It
Presented By:
Tom Lakin, Director Of Innovation & Diverse Hiring, Resource Solutions
Victoria Rodriquez, Diverse Talent Strategist, Resource Solutions

Ensuring a diverse workforce is one of the biggest challenges and opportunities HR & TA leaders are facing right now. Our research shows that bias is introduced before candidates even visit your careers page and continues through selection, assessment, interviewing and onboarding. Join our presentation to find out how you can action meaningful change to minimize the inherent bias across your entire recruitment process.

  • Identify how to unlock unconscious bias
  • Learn how to de-bias the way you recruit
  • Find out more about diversity data


In A Post-Pandemic World, Virtual Recruiting Is Here To Stay
Presented By: Kate McKeon, Manager, Early Talent Acquisition, Prudential Financial

COVID-19 presented employers with an unprecedented challenge – how do you attract and engage students in a fully virtual campus recruiting season? Moreover, how can you, as the employer, stand out when all companies are recruiting the same way – fully virtual? At Prudential we leveraged technology to humanize the candidate experience while focusing on scaling our reach, diversity & inclusion, and skill building. As we begin to realize the future of work, we must attract talent in a new and nimble way; a way that meets our business needs and builds capabilities for the future with focusing on what candidates and employees value most. This session will focus on the shifting to a virtual candidate engagement model; one that expands your pipelines, increases candidate engagement, while making you an employer of choice for early talent.

  • Diversity Recruitment: creating spring diversity cornerstone programs to pipeline to future internship and full-time opportunities
  • Industry Recruitment: partnering with peer companies to expand brand and industry awareness to early talent candidates
  • Skills-focused Recruitment: attracting talent by creating upskilling opportunities through event programming


Technology And Its Effects On Talent Attraction & Diversity In Your Total Talent Program
Moderator: Collen Cuba, Manager, Sales Support, Yoh/ DZConneX
Mike Dubois, VP, Enterprise Sales, Yoh/ DZConneX
Regina Blair, VP, Talent, Inclusion and Diversity, Day & Zimmermann
Kevin Poll, Global Head of Strategic Partnerships, D&I Champion, WillHire

Total Talent was already on track to be a growing solution but the last 18 months has cemented it as a strong strategy going forward after a dramatic shift in the workforce due to the pandemic. If there’s anything that can propel your Total Talent Program forward, it’s the right use of technology. Learn how Technology plays a role in talent attraction and incorporating diversity in your Total Talent Program.