(Opening Keynote): Humanizing Today’s Workforce
Presented By: Rebecca Sinclair, Chief People and Communications Officer, American Tire Distributors

The future has accelerated HR’s evolution, bringing new ideas and new challenges to the workplace. Businesses are only as strong as their people and establishing a People-First culture can be the differentiator. HR must humanize the workforce now more than ever, creating moments that matter to bring associate’s a sense of purpose, no matter their location.

In this session, we’ll focus on:

  • Increasing a company’s digital dexterity to drive associate productivity and performance
  • Leveraging omni-channel communications to reach associates more effectively
  • Utilizing analytics to help leaders and associates have more meaningful conversations on talent and development
  • Empowering associates through Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives


When Talent Development & Engagement Collide
Presented By: Deanna LaPierre, Head of Talent Development and Engagement, Sony Electronics

Research shows having a population of engaged employees is crit ical to the success of organizations and supports the improvement or growth of business drivers. However, engagement efforts without an integrated talent development process won’t press the necessary levers to create this engaged population. Further, it takes an integrated talent development and engagement approach woven across a wider spectrum of HR dis ciplines to create the foundation necessary to educate leaders in supporting the organization to move the needle on cr eating engagement at all levels. This session will focus on how an organization can innovatively create a blended engagement and talent development platform to drive performance through an engaged workforce who are highly motivated to grow and develop their capabilities and capacity.

During this session you will learn about:

  • How to effectively leverage training and development, career paths and opportunities to develop capabilities as a cornerstone to creating an engaged workforce.
  • How to begin engaging employees from the moment the offer letter is sent (Onboarding throughout employee’s first 12 months).
  • Partnering company leaders with talent development and engagement as subject matter experts in driving the development of business knowledge and acumen across all employees (Increases credibility of HR programs).
  • Designing and facilitating a “plug and play” approach to leadership development to consistently ensure freshness and relevancy (Leverage business leaders, vendor and internal development team as facilitators.)
  • Weaving talent development principles to teach leaders how to effectively grow, develop and engage their employees (Create a team of engaging leaders).


Engaging Leaders Of The Future
Presented By: Andrea Lagan, Chief Operating Officer, Betterworks

Millennial and Gen Z workers have been a driving force for the transformative workplace for several years. Employers have studied these younger employees as they look to predict workplace trends, evolving practices, and keep up with inevitable changes, and unexpected ones, like a global pandemic.

Today, much of our workforce is coming from a generation that is reliant on performance enablement and professional development technology to gain visibility within their organization and mobility within their career. Consistent growth opportunities and accessibility for these employees is what feeds their engagement.

This session will give you a candid look into what drives the engagement of our future leaders and how to adjust your strategy to retain top talent in a remote or hybrid environment.

  • Find out what engages Millennial and Gen Z talent today
  • Uncover remote engagement concerns, and more importantly, how you can get ahead of it
  • Identify pieces of technology your remote workers can use to engage, grow, and produce results


(Keynote): Let’s Talk Remote: Tools & Strategies Needed For A New Form Of Communication
Presented By: Kim Shepherd, Keynote Speaker, Author and Former CEO, Decision Toolbox

When creating optimal communication in this new remote world, you must design what you want – or deal with what you get. Effective communication is the foundation of your culture, workforce, measurement, performance and bottom line. Communication must not only flow from the top down, but also from the bottom up. Clarity must come not from only what is said, but what is heard. In a remote environment, marching orders need to be clear and precise.

  • Learn how to structure effective meetings with clarity and purpose
  • Identify the language of your culture and how to walk-your-talk
  • Great communication begins with the onboarding process


Emotional Well-Being: Improving Employee Engagement With Workplace Strategies Addressing Mental Health
Presented By: Nicole Stec, Associate Director Well-Being, Banner Health

Banner’s MyWell-Being Program launched in 2018 with the mission to empower team members to be their best selves. The program’s holistic approach has encouraged thousands of tea m members to focus on their well-being. After facing a global pandemic in 2020, Banner recognized that it will be a long road to recovery for its healthcare heroes. As a result, the MyWell-Being Program launched the Center for Healing, an in tentional space to listen, share stories and heal through in person and online interactions. This initiative provides cus tomized and crafted resources to support the healing andrecovery of our team members who have been battling the pandemi c on the frontlines.

In this session, participants will learn how to help their team members cope with stress, practice self-care and access critical resources to support their mental health. Participants will also learn how to identify what types of mental health resources, collaborate with external partners and leverage tech nology to reach a large workforce working remotely and at multiple sites.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to implement a well-being strategy targeting ment al and emotional health
  • Learn how to keep a large workforce socially connected and well (multiple sites and remote workers).
  • Learn how to identify helpful mental health resources and d evelop sustainable initiatives to promote emotional well-being.


(Keynote): Staying Engaged While Working Apart: Love or Lose Your Talent
Presented By: Bev Kaye, WSJ Best Selling Author of  “Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em: Getting Good People to Stay, Up is Not the Only Way”, and “Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go”

Engaging and retaining talent for the enterprise is more critical today than ever before. To ignite employee engagement and sense of ownership, leaders and managers must have a “how-to” framework and tools for moving their culture in this direction. When employees feel engaged, whether onsite or remote, they have positive impact in the organization, enhance the customer experience and increase productivity. They believe that their contribution to the organization matters and has a direct correlation to financial results, including sales, revenue growth, efficiency and profitability. When time is tight and pressures grow, managers need validated “how-to’s” to engage and retain talent. They appreciate conversation starters that provide insights into what their employees want and need. This highly interactive session provides specific action steps and practical “how-to” strategies that can be delivered immediately to drive engagement, inclusion, and retention.


(Keynote): The Path Forward: No Well-Being, No Engagement
Presented By: Jason Lauritsen, Founder and Lead Instructor, Employee Performance Academy

If there’s one thing the past year has brought into focus, it’s the importance of employee well-being to organizational performance. Well-being has always been important, but this crisis has introduced an opportunity to bring it to the forefront of our management practices. To embrace this challenge requires a broader understanding of well-being and its role in engagement. This includes equipping and empowering our managers to care for their people in new ways.

What you’ll learn:

  • How well-being plays a critical role in employee engagement
  • A broader understanding of well-being
  • Why teaching managers compassion is the key


Capturing The Voice-Of-Employees In A Virtual Environment
Presented By: Hai Harari, Global Director People Analytics and Technology, Intuit

Nowadays, when most employees are working from home, companies are seeking to understand the employees’ sentiment frequently: How is their well-being? Do they have new productivity barriers? What are the questions that are top of mind? How can leaders behelpful? Which issues do we need to address immediately?

At Intuit, we developed a new digital approach of listening to our employees by leveraging existing and new listening posts – ‘Always on survey’, HR Tickets, Ears-on-the-ground, glassdoor, slack and more. We declared an objective to have a comprehensive view on the voice of our employees and allow Intuit leadership to act thoughtfully on issues that drive higher engagement, lower attrition, increase productivity and improve our overall employee experience. In the session, we will share our process of capturing employees’ voices from many data sources to provide a weekly snapshot of our company leadership, the business impact it had during the pandemic, and our plans for the future.


Reimagining Work: Why Work Life Is A Thing Of The Past
Presented By: Lisa Shields, Director People and Culture, Organifi

The last year has brought forth many unexpected changes, including the disruption to how and where we work. Across the globe, living rooms have been converted into make-shift offices and parents have struggled to homeschool their children in between conference calls and answering slacks. The boundaries between work and home life, already muddled by the rise of technology, have been obliterated by the pandemic. The challenge many HR professionals are facing today is how to create a culture of connection, engagement, and productivity in a zoom-fatigued, virtual environment where overwhelm is high and visibility is low. Now more than ever, organizations need to double down on taking care of their people, and it begins by promoting work-life integration over work-life balance.

  • Understand how hiring mission-aligned employees who share similar core values fosters connection and collaboration and leads to improved retention
  • The importance of providing purpose, autonomy & mastery over snack-stocked fridges & ping pong tables
  • How the small things have monumental impact
  • Now more than ever, it’s imperative that we manage expectations, not timecards


Going Beyond The Survey: How To Use Data And Feedback To Grow Your Culture
Presented By: Karen Weeks, Senior Vice President of People, Ordergroove

You have launched your latest employee engagement survey and gathered feedback from the team on key areas of your culture… now what?! As HR leaders we then need to not just analyze the feedback but determine what is the best way to address the concerns and adjust our programs and culture, without just reacting to every piece of feedback given. As we start to heal from 2020 and look to the future, it’s now more important than ever to consider all the data and feedback we have gathered and use it to evolve our cultures moving forward into this new normal. I will share real examples from my time at Ordergroove when we have applied the feedback we have gotten from our team to new programs and ways we work together… and when those pilots worked and when they didn’t and what we learned along the way.

  • Identify the feedback to focus on in a culture survey, or any employee feedback, to build the right employee experience for your organization
  • How to turn all our “reactions” to 2020 turmoil to strategic advantages in our culture
  • How to build an iterative agile culture in your HR team to research, try, test, adjust, try again
  • Return to work with real-world, practical knowledge you can apply immediately


Engaging Health Care Heros During A Pandemic
Presented By: Raquel Hicks, Director Organizational Effectiveness, Hawaii Pacific Health

The Covid-19 pandemic has been an intense and stressful experience for everyone, but perhaps nowhere has that intensity been more profound than for those who work in health care. Keeping health care workers engaged, healthy and focused on the mission has never been more challenging and more critical to the well-being of the community – especially an island community that depends on its local health care heroes. Join this session to learn how Hawai‘i Pacific Health supported not just doctors and nurses, but housekeepers, IT workers, remote workers and the many other behind-the-scenes heroes it takes to deliver world class health care during the most challenging of times.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why rounding for well-being is the best way to make meaningful connections
  • How strong communication strategies are essential to keeping anxiety at bay
  • A holistic view of well-being that supports engagement and performance


Leveraging Diversity, Equity And Inclusion To Improve Employee Engagement
Presented By: Winter Washington, Director Talent and Culture, Chubb

While the case for an increased focus on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) is widely undisputed, many organizations are faced with new challenges to effectively embed these progressive concepts into their strategy. Even fewer HR practitioners and senior leaders are equipped to effectively lead their organizations to successful implementation, which has a direct impact on employee engagement, attraction and retention of the best talent. This session will highlight key elements in developing a stronger understating of the DEI landscape and to best position and support your organization to be an employer of choice.

  • Improving your approach to creating an effective DEI strategy
  • Strengthening your DEI fluency
  • Refining communication at all seniority levels
  • Positively impact employee engagement