A New Sort of Pepsi Challenge: Gamifying Learning During a Pandemic
Presented By: Molly Nagler, Chief Learning Officer, PepsiCo

The events of 2020 accelerated digital transformation in education across schools and workplaces alike. Around the world, corporate training lurched online as in-person instruction became impossible, creating an opportunity—and an imperative—to reimagine adult learning. Could virtual instruction rise to the occasion? PepsiCo tackled this challenge with several experiments. Using gamification—the application of game-design elements and principles to new domains—PepsiCo recreated the joy, challenge, and engagement of pre-pandemic learning. What did they learn along the way? In this session, PepsiCo CLO Molly Nagler will review two case studies in gamification and how they might inform learning and development at your organization.

  • Minecraft and the building blocks of team performance
  • “Active Learner” badges and the rise of personal brands at work

Learning objectives:

  • How to select the right type of gamification to fit your learning objectives
  • How to nest a new initiative inside an existing framework to increase adoption


Learning in the Flow of Work: The New Frontier
Presented By: Adri Maisonet Morales, Vice President, Enterprise Learning and Development, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina *2016 CLO of the Year

Over the past several years, Learning and Development has experienced numerous disruptions as the workforce diversified, technology advanced, and the bar for demonstrating business impacts increased. While many struggled to keep pace, COVID-19 struck and put the resiliency of L&D to the test. As if overnight, L&D was thrust onto the center stage as organizations and learners reckon with the need to build and maintain the right skills to not only survive but to thrive in the new frontier. Personalized, adaptive learning that happens in the flow of work is no longer a fleeting concept, but rather it is an essential path forward to driving the business outcomes that maintain and develop competitive talent.

During this presentation, you will:

  • Understand the changing learning landscape
  • Gain tips for securing buy-in and funding through effective storytelling
  • Learn practical tips for getting started and measuring success


Learning Metrics that Matter
Presented By: Jennifer Heinzen Krueger, Vice President, Learning & Development, Ahold Delhaize

Metrics matter when it comes to having a credible learning and development function. Top of mind for many business leaders is understanding the impact learning and development efforts are having on the organization. In this session we will take a deep dive in learning metrics and explore ways to link the metrics to the organization’s strategy.

Key Takeaways

  • Leveraging best practices for measuring learning programs
  • Establishing and communicating metrics that matter to your business leaders
  • Linking learning metrics to the organization’s strategy


Learning of the Future: Creating a Learning Ecosystem for a New Normal
Presented By: Lisa Lang, Head of Learning and Education Americas, Siemens

The future of work and skill volatility are heavily influenced by the frequency of disruptions to the business. Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic has amplified the disruptions. With skills becoming obsolete before you know it, employees must constantly develop and grow to remain relevant in the workforce. Siemens senior leadership made a bold decision to transform the traditional office corporate culture into the New Normal, which means that employees will permanently be working remotely beyond the pandemic. This session addresses how the company’s approach to learning and development has shifted due to the New Normal. Specifically, we will discuss how digital learning at Siemens includes not only having the right tools, platforms, and content, but also about having a growth mindset.

  • Learn how remote working requires a different leadership style, and how to support managers with that behavioral and mindset shift.
  • Understand the Learning of the Future strategy that Siemens has implemented, and what it means to create a learning ecosystem.
  • Learn ways to digitize the experience for learners in order to address strategically important topics more efficiently.
  • Identify ways that communications and change management are critical to making the digital learning approach stick.


Ramping Up in a Remote World: Lessons in New Hire Onboarding
Presented By: Kacie Walters, Head Global Professional Development and Regional L&D Leader North America, Northern Trust

New Hire Onboarding has been a hot topic even before COVID. Defining what this encompasses, how to best inspire and integrate new hires, ramping up productivity and integrating into the corporate culture have been challenges learning professionals have tackled for years. In today’s environment, integration and productivity can be even more difficult goals to achieve. The workplace, leaders, values, strategy and employees make up an organization’s culture. When some of those elements are not as visible or limited, how do new hires get to know the culture or figure out how to go to the right person or having meaningful connections with their manager? Technology can certainly be a huge ally in this quest to provide an engaging new hire experience but it also depends largely upon…people. In this session, we will focus on what an engaging experience can look like in a remote world, what works and doesn’t based on some real examples.

  • Learn key pillars for any Onboarding program
  • Leverage best practices for remote new hire onboarding
  • Identify some tactics to create an engaging experience


Claiming Your Space: Combating Virtual Fatigue in the World of eLearning
Presented By: Diane Enos, Chief Learning Officer, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Following the swift and widespread shift to varying degrees of virtual business environments has evolved to the realization that virtual is here for the long haul. During this unprecedented period of online engagement has resulted in challenges to develop and train when everyone is constantly online and plugged in all the time. This session will focus on leveraging data, key performance metrics, return on investment, and best practices in measuring engagement to combat the online fatigue and eLearning phenomenon.

Practice Application/Learning Objectives

  • Identify key technology consideration to maximize engagement
  • Increase participation, application and satisfaction rates across virtual learning applications
  • Develop an updated virtual strategy using a data-driven approach


New Workplace, New Skills, New Ways to Learn
Presented By: Peter Sheppard, Head of Global L&D Ecosystem, Ericsson

The impact of the pandemic is that the workplace is changing with many more people working from home. At the same time jobs are changing more rapidly than ever meaning that people need to learn more but have less time to dedicate to learning. This is increasing the pressure on L&D teams to innovate. With over 85,000 people (greater than 80% of the Ericsson workforce) now based from home Ericsson is dealing with this paradox but responding with new and exciting ways for employees to learn. Find out more about how Ericsson innovates in the learning space through…

  • An introduction to Ericsson Learning goals
  • How to build a learning habit using an LXP
  • Maximize your use of Microsoft: Teams, Sharepoint Spaces & Powerapps
  • How to succeed with Use Cases in virtual reality, augmented reality and games


Delivering High Impact Learning in the Pace and Flow of Work
Presented By: Sheila Jagannathan, Head of Open Learning Campus, World Bank

Learning is key to solving development challenges and to meeting the World Bank Group’s twin goals of ending poverty and building shared prosperity. By providing dynamic learning opportunities where diverse audiences can learn in the pace and flow of work and access the knowledge they need, the World\Bank’s learning ecosystem, the Open Learning Campus equips individuals with the knowledge and leadership capabilities to tackle the toughest development challenges.

Join Sheila Jagannathan, Head of the World Bank’s Open Learning Campus talk about the concept, audience and application of technology and innovative pedagogies (such as AI, content curation, personalized learning pathways and the power of social, data and networks) and how this has led to improved learning outcomes.’


Matter is the Minimum: Leveraging L&D to Deconstruct Systemic Racism and Foster Engagement
Presented By: Nancy Duranteau, Chief Learning Officer, University of California San Francisco

Research has shown that there is a strong connection between employee engagement and key business results. According to Gallup, increased engagement correlates to 70% fewer safety incidents, 41% less absenteeism, 17% higher productivity and 10% higher customer metrics. The business case is clear. The culture an organization creates matters. What happens when an organization acknowledges that an inclusive culture both “matters” and is core to its values, yet discovers structural racism within its system? What is the role of learning in creating the desired culture? This session will focus on how UCSF’s Learning and Organization Development department leveraged its engagement survey results to adjust its learning and development strategy, lead change and support the deconstruction of systemic racism.

  • Understand the importance of an inclusive learning and development strategy and the role inclusive curriculum and learning paths play in creating change
  • Explore ways learning and development can partner across and outside the organization to develop holistic change


Improving User Experience and Behavior Change in the Age of Remote Work
Presented By: Ken Hubbell, Senior Vice President, Instructional Design Strategy & Innovation, Wells Fargo

In this session, Ken will have you consider the future talent model and how we can meet it head-on today. He will introduce you to some of the emerging technologies for improving user experience and increasing behavioral transformation in the age of the remote workforce. Ken will provide a vision of how it takes more than just tools to evolve an organization to meet the requirements of this new normality.

Key topics include:

  • Identifying key techniques to effectively leverage XR for upskill training and collaboration
  • Adapting and adopting evolutions in technology
  • Preparing for the next global event


Leadership Development: A 100-Day Delivery Model with True Business Impact and Talent Outcomes
Presented By: Joe Ilvento, Chief Learning Officer, CommVault

The virtual worker is here to stay and those that are returning to work are doing so in a hybrid fashion, 2 or 3 days a week, or A and B shifts, or alternating work form office weeks, etc., Bottom line, when it comes to developing our employees and managers, an instructional design evolution is here and it requires us to meet learners where they are today – home, office, remote, in the field or on the job. See and learn from a two-time Top 50 in HR and Learning Innovation award winner, a hybrid instructional design learning model you can apply to impact business and measure talent outcomes.

What you’ll learn:

  • A new and business centered model to define high potential talent and next gen leaders
  • What aspirational leadership capabilities look like in practice
  • The 5 must have-have learning delivery channels required for skill development
  • The 100-day instructional design model you can apply to your leadership (or any of your) programs
  • 7 business impact and talent outcome analytics to prove program success


Developing Learning With a Media Mindset
Presented By: Juston Espinoza, Senior eLearning and Media Production Specialist, Spectrum Health

When it comes to learner engagement and knowledge retention, finding that sweet spot can be tricky. Thankfully, there’s a whole industry who’s already done most of the hard work for us! The media world is full of lessons on how to engage people with the content that they want to see, when they want to see it. This session will take our speaker’s experience in both media and L&D to explore the overlapping goals of both industries, while sharing ways to apply media methods to learning development. Here’s a hint: It’s not just about the pretty pictures.

  • Learn how media professionals approach engagement
  • Apply media methods to L&D projects
  • Discover the value of learning from other industries