Workshop A: Storytelling For Learning – Increase Motivation, Deepen Understand, Enhance Retention, And Build Connection
Presented By: Kat Koppet, President (Koppett), Author of (Training to Imagine: Practical Improvisational Theatre Techniques to Enhance Creativity, Teamwork, Leadership, and Learning)

  • Storytelling, the ancient communication method, taps into the fundamental way our brain makes meaning and helps us understand new concepts, engage deeply, tap into our passion, and connect with others. In this active, practical session, you will unpack the building blocks of great storytelling to make this innate, unconscious meaning-making process conscious. Embark on this journey with us and leave with a fully crafted story of your own and a storytelling toolkit to apply in learning environments and beyond.

Learning Objectives

  • Harness the power of story to strengthen key learning points, making them more comprehensible and memorable
  • Align the story you mean to be telling with the story your learners are receiving
  • Recognize your individual storytelling strengths and habits
  • Expand your storytelling range
  • How to solicit stories from participants and use story activities and structures to enhance skills development, problem-solving and action-planning


Workshop B: Mindful Leadership – Being Present When It Matters The Most
Presented By: Hal Adler, CEO, Leadership Landing

  • 2020 has proven to be a continual roller coaster for all or our organizations and the people in them. As leaders, we’re not immune to the feelings of overwhelm and uncertainty that times like these bring. We’re not less concerned about what happens next and we don’t necessarily have any more control or fewer things to be fearful about than our employees. And yet, it’s our responsibility to put people at ease and rally them toward the common goals of our companies.
  • This is where mindful leadership comes in. Mindfulness is the skill that allows us to recognize and accept our full experience without having to be hijacked by that experience. Want to learn more? Join Hal Adler, founder and CEO of Leadership Landing and leadership expert for an engaging session that supports leaders to manage themselves in the most challenging times, in order to best support those around them.

Learning Objectives

  • Demystify mindfulness while defining it in a simple, accessible way
  • Participate in an engaging, experiential day that offers scientifically backed processes designed to lower stress and hijacked responses
  • Become more relaxed and steady under pressure
  • Get clearer about and more consistent with your highest intentions and leadership vision
  • Become a greater, more productive support to others within your organization, up, down, and across the org chart Questions Answered

Really, what is this mindfulness thing about?

  • I’m a pragmatic, logical person that does not do yoga or meditate. Why would I get anything out of this day? How can a mindfulness practice help me to be a better leader at work? At home? In my community? What are the simple, easy to commit to things that I can do to be more mindful at work (and all the time)?


A Time To Skill – The Impact Of 5G On Education And Work
Presented By: Vidya Krishnan, Chief Learning Officer, Ericsson

  • According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), “the world is facing a re-skilling emergency.” WEF estimates that “by 2022, over 40 percent of core skills required to perform existing jobs are expected to change”, and that by 2030, “more than 1 billion people will need to be re-skilled” into the transformed jobs of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It is therefore essential to bridge the gap between the skills of current and future workers to address the rapidly changing skill requirements for a world increasingly shaped by 5G. What can companies do to be 5G-powered in their re-skilling strategies?
  • 5G is the key to empowering new services and use cases for people, businesses, and society at large. 5G use cases correspond to industry evolutions and revolutions that require constant skill and role reinvention. The advent of 5G is a watershed moment for the virtual learning movement, but it only accelerates and widens the need to re-skill the workforce.

In this session you will learn:

  • The latest about 5G and how it will shift work, the workforce, and the workplace
  • Key digital skills that will be essential to re-skill for, combining human and technical skills
  • A new framework for redefining how to build future critical skills across the enterprise
  • How 5G will reshape virtual learning and how to use this to your advantage


The Listening Path – Listening, The Most Underdeveloped Skill For Learning
Presented By: Christine Miles, Founder and CEO, EQuipt

  • Only about 10% of the population listens effectively, and on average, people listen at about 25% of their potential. The impact poor listening skills have on adult learning is not overtly recognized. Additionally, with the new normal of virtual workplaces, multi-tasking and digital distractions are at an all- time high, making listening and therefore learning, even more difficult. In a study published earlier this year in the journal of Computers and Education, showed that public displays of technology-based multitasking can impair the learning ability of those around the multi-tasker, not just the multi-tasker themselves. Psychologists have demonstrated that when people think about the meaning of new information, that is really listen, they are much more likely to assimilate, learn, and remember more of it.
  • As learning professionals our job is to teach. The catch is that we can get trapped teaching by telling or lecturing. Too often we do not even notice that we are actually creating resistance, rather than acceptance of our concepts. Utilizing good listening skills, enables you to help your learners both mentally and emotionally engage so learners can apply concepts toward achieving long-term success.

Learning Objectives:

  • Demystify how and why we fail as listeners
  • Discover the difference between attentive listening and insight driven listening to promote learning
  • Utilize the EQuipt Listening Path and 3 EQuipt tools to turbo charge learning and teaching
  • Unlock your Listening EQ


Leveraging Learning Initiative To Drive Employee Engagement
Presented By: Sari Daisey, Director Talent Management, The Bancorp

  • Learn how a financial services institution shifted their learning culture from being solely regulatory training-focused to one that is more development-focused. In this session, Sari Daisey from The Bancorp will discuss their strategy to move toward their vision of ‘cultivating an environment that educates and inspires all employees to reach their full potential’. She will share their approach to dramatically augmenting the learning experience.
    • Learn best practices that you can replicate in your organization
    • Recognize alternative methods of communicating your initiatives
    • Learn techniques to identify allies for your Learning & Development team
    • Learn the 3 initiatives they deployed that together had the greatest impact


Crisis As A Driver For Cultural Change – The Transformation of L&D In A Post-COVID-19 Environment
Presented By: Hap Asis, Director Learning, AdventHealth

  • For the past decade, learning and development professionals have predicted the shift to digitally enhanced and even virtual corporate education and training, driven by technologies that facilitate collaborative communications across time and space. The reality, however, has been a story of slow progress and minimally incremental change in the way that most organizations equip their employees for success and growth. For many organizations, including AdventHealth, in-person training has remained the preferred practice for everything from employee on-boarding to annual compliance training. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, AdventHealth has had to rapidly rethink its practices in the learning and development space and in short order transform the way in which it integrates new team members into the corporate culture. This session will focus on how AdventHealth has responded to crisis, reassessing and redesigning its process to build a workforce by leveraging the promise of technology-mediated learning.
    • Learn how virtual technologies can facilitate corporate learning in unique and engaging ways
    • Identify cultural hurdles to adoption of new learning methodologies
    • Learn how to develop content that engages employees in non-face-to-face environments


Delivering High Impact Learning In The Pace And Flow Of Work
Presented By: Shelia Jagannathan, Head of Open Learning Campus, World Bank

  • Learning is key to solving development challenges and to meeting the World Bank Group’s twin goals of ending poverty and building shared prosperity. By providing dynamic learning opportunities where diverse audiences can learn in the pace and flow of work and access the knowledge they need, the World Bank’s learning ecosystem, the Open Learning Campus equips individuals with the knowledge and leadership capabilities to tackle the toughest development challenges.
  • Join Sheila Jagannathan, Head of the World Bank’s Open Learning Campus talk about the concept, audience and application of technology and innovative pedagogies (such as AI, content curation, personalized learning pathways and the power of social, data and networks) and how this has led to improved learning outcomes


Matter Is The Minimum – Leveraging L&D To Deconstruct Systemic Racism And Foster Engagement
Presented By: Nancy Duranteau, Chief Learning Officer, University of California San Francisco

  • Research has shown that there is a strong connection between employee engagement and key business results. According to Gallup, increased engagement correlates to 70% fewer safety incidents, 41% less absenteeism, 17% higher productivity and 10% higher customer metrics. The business case is clear. The culture an organization creates matters. What happens when an organization acknowledges that an inclusive culture both “matters” and is core to its values, yet discovers structural racism within its system? What is the role of learning in creating the desired culture?
  • This session will focus on how UCSF’s Learning and Organization Development department leveraged its engagement survey results to adjust its learning and development strategy, lead change and support the deconstruction of systemic racism.
    • Understand the importance of an inclusive learning and development strategy and the role inclusive curriculum and learning paths play in creating change
    • Explore ways learning and development can partner across and outside the organization to develop holistic change


Right Sized – Scalable Employee Development
Presented By: Kristin Zummo, Vice President Learning & Development, Chelsea Groton Bank

  • Employee development is one of the biggest satisfaction and engagement drivers for our workforce, however there is no ‘one-size fits all’ approach. Employee development needs vary widely across businesses and can even change within the same organization, as business drivers and management readiness shift over time. This session will outline a scalable competency-based employee development model for all-sized businesses that drives employee and manager engagement, highlights a company’s unique values, and evolves with rapidly changing needs.
    • Understand a competency-based employee development model
    • Learn to adapt a competency-based employee development model to your unique business values and needs
    • Learn employee development implementation strategies
    • Identify key areas and strategies for scaling employee development efforts
    • Learn to identify and overcome challenges to employee development


Redefining Leadership Expectations
Presented By: Stacey Johnson, Head of Leadership and Culture, Kraft Keinz Company

  • During times of transformation, leading with purpose, clarity and conviction can make all the difference. Join us on this inspiring journey, as Stacey Johnson, Head of Kraft Heinz’s Leadership & Culture Academy, details the path to redefining and launching the new Kraft Heinz Leadership Principles. In addition, you’ll hear how the leadership principles are guiding the Company’s strategic learning & development agenda. During this session, Stacey will share reflections on this success story in the making, specifically touching on:
    • Co-creating leadership principles by involving stakeholders and culture carriers
    • Leveraging leadership principles to create and design learning programs for impact
    • Launching and embedding the new principles throughout the organization during a period of business transformation and disruption


From Darkness To Learning Light – Investing More During The Pandemic
Presented By: Tansley Stearns, Chief People and Strategy Officer, Canvas Credit Union

  • One of the pillars of Canvas Credit Union’s vision is that they are known for their people. Learning is an important investment towards that vision. As COVID-19 took hold, the credit union was faced with temporarily closing branch lobbies. This meant that they had a population of branch family members with more time to spend on learning. They seized this opportunity to invest even more fully in our family members and their learning and growth. Hear Tansley Stearns, Chief People & Strategy Officer share Canvas’ story of learning during the Pandemic.

During this engaging session you’ll hear more about:

  • How the learning team at Canvas ramped up so quickly
  • How the team drove engagement across 29 locations
  • How remote learning was leveraged as a resource
  • What outcomes the credit union is seeing from this investment
  • How the learning from this crisis will inform learning for years to come at Canvas


Learning Role In Enabling Transformation And An Agile Culture
Presented By: Peter Vigliotti, Vice President Global Sales Training, Swiss Re

  • Swiss Re has been in business for over 155 years, and the company is consistently one of the top two Reinsurers in the world. Over the past few years, the Reinsurance and Financial Services industries have experienced profound disruption and change.
  • During this session, you will hear how Swiss Re is implementing several initiatives to become more agile and adaptive to both their Clients and Employee’s needs. Peter Vigliotti, Vice President of Global Sales Training, will share some of the major initiatives recently rolled out including, a ratingless performance management system, a new learning and curation platform, a feedback app and a revamped annual engagement survey.
  • Significant culture change is an ongoing process and during this session you will hear what’s working well, what has been less effective, and what still needs to be done to transform Swiss Re culture into one that can compete for the next century. This will be an interactive session that will encourage the audience to share their experiences—please come with your own stories.


Embedding Inclusion In The Heart Of Leadership Development
Presented By: Sonja Ng, Director Leadership, High Potential, and Business Solutions, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

  • Ask people what leadership means and there will be many answers, but most will be rooted in the concept of bringing people together in order to achieve a common purpose. In that context, leadership is by definition, inclusion – engaging others, embracing different perspectives, and bringing each person’s unique strengths to the forefront so everyone succeeds together.
  • An inclusive style of leadership is imperative given our diverse markets, customers, and workforce, and especially given the increasing pressure on leaders from the globally disruptive forces of technological, economic, and social transformation.
  • When preparing leaders then, inclusion must be embedded throughout the learning journey, both explicitly and implicitly. And it must address the development of inclusive behaviors in a progressive build to help meet learners where they are in their own inclusion journey. This session will feature one case study on how to:
    • Define a set of leadership expectations based on human-centered leadership skills for leading in transformational times
    • Design a maturity model for developing leaders at all levels, anchored by inclusive behaviors
    • Build an inclusive leadership learning roadmap founded on the principles of emotional intelligence
    • Promote a leadership culture that goes beyond mitigating bias to active inclusion