Elevating Human Connections In Your Organization
Presented By: Christine Miles, Founder and CEO, EQuipt

People are at the center of all business. With the currently forced virtual work environment, it has become even more difficult to have people feel at the center, and truly connect with and engage employees. Elevating how you connect and engage your employees has never been more critical. Uncovering and sharing your purpose improves employee motivation and engagement. It builds trust and promotes a culture of psychological safety, especially in these difficult times.

Christine Miles, founder of EQuipt, will give you the EQuipt Path to tap into your PURPOSE STORY and the PURPOSE Story of others’ to elevate human connections within your organization, help your leaders become more relatable, and get others to open up on a whole new level.


Practical Steps To Building Workforce Resiliance
Presented By: Dr. Natalie Baumgartner, Chief Workfoce Scientist, Achievers

As organizations continue to face challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, workforce resilience is more important than ever. Organizations must be proactive to build and maintain resilience so they can not only survive but thrive during this challenging time. Hear from resilience expert Dr. Natalie Baumgartner as she outlines the three key ingredients for resilience, and the eight levers you can pull to make positive change today.

  • Learn why resilience matters and how it can transform your organization
  • Find out the three key ingredients for resilience
  • Understand the eight protective drivers that prevent burnout and disengagement during critical events


The Five C’s Of Culure
Presented By: Brad Wilkins, Vice President of People, Collibra

The HR Community uses “Engagement” as a catch-all for a state of mind, not a business result. Many times we are ineffectively measuring engagement through surveys or the retention of employees subjectively rated by managers. Instead, engagement is as simple as 1) did employee objectively generate more revenue or profit 2) did they stay with the organization 3) did they refer a friend. With clear measurements, drive an engagement strategy focused on the five C’s that bring all people (from all generations) to work 1) Compensation 2) Career 3) Community 4) Contentment 5) Cause.

Today’s session will review this framework and include:

  • Unique and proven strategies for programs for each of the five C’s
  • Effectiveness and accuracy of measurements Aligning measurements to business results
  • How to approach a multi-generational workforce to create custom and tailored experiences


The Power Of Negative Feedback For Engagement
Presented By: Dr. Robert Melloy, Senior People Scientist, Culture Amp

In today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) environment, it is imperative that organizations focus time and resources towards the overall wellbeing (familial, physical, mental, emotional, financial and spiritual) of their workforce. This is vitally important, in particular in light of the COVID-19 global public health crisis and the resulting unprecedented emotional and financial strains placed upon staff and the economic havoc suffered by organization. After all, it’s the people who can make -or break- the success of the organization.

This session will focus on the fundamental concepts and strategies to develop and deploy an integrated and sustainable wellbeing program.

Learning Concepts

  • Preview concepts and research to support the importance of wellbeing.
  • Examine the cultural and organizational changes necessary to build an inclusive engaging work environment.
  • Gain actionable tips and tools for leading, engaging, appreciating and retaining a generationally diverse workforce.
  • Explore leadership in the VUCA environment (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous).


On A Dime – How To Quicky Transform Your Company Culutre
Presented By: Tim Toterhi, Vice President Human Resources and Author of  “The HR Guide to Getting and Crushing Your Dream Job” and “The Introvert’s Guide to Job Hunting”

Every company wants a winning culture – one that sparks engagement, increases retention and drives high performance. But generic brands don’t have fans. Earning an audience requires simplicity of message, consistency of action, and the courage to adjust as your story evolves.

Whether you’re moving from good to great, starting from scratch, or embarking on a total culture turnaround, this nimble, no-nonsense approach will help organizations of any size simplify their storyline while enhancing their employee’s effectiveness and engagement.

Learning Objectives:

  • How to Simplify Your Culture Story
  • How to Focus on the Right Wins
  • The Importance of Taking Risks and Failing Fast
  • How to Scale a Winning Culture


Building Capabilities That Increase Talent Engagement And Deliver Organization Results
Presented By: James Vogt, Director of Operations, BTD Manufacturing

To build sustainable capabilities, we need to lay the “foundation” deliverables and work in concert with the other organization and customer initiatives. The shortage of available labor in today’s world makes it an imperative that we engage our people in meaningful ways. At BTD Manufacturing, a tailored intervention was created that considered the required operating performance, designed tailored talent practices and built capabilities of all individuals and every leadership level. This session will share with participants a real and tested example of the ROI associated with engaging talent and reducing turnover.

  • Learn what “engagement” really looks like on a talent planning worksheet
  • Identify what level of performance impact is delivered by an employee at each level of engagement
  • Take action to impact the bottom line
  • Iterati Deliver a true ROI for increasing engagement levels within your team


The Tech Advantage – How Organizations Are Leveraging Technology To Boost Employee Engagement
Presented By: Maigen Rowe, Director Global Employee Experience, Allegion

Technology is driving a massive shift in the workplace today. According to Deloitte, digital transformation was ranked as the highest risk to culture in the next two to three years. CEOs also ranked disruptive technologies as one of the two greatest risks to their growth prospects in the coming years. While it certainly presents challenges for any organization, companies around the world are embracing technology in myriad forms to drive engagement and bring employees closer together. This session will focus on ways technology can be used to build organizational connectivity.

  • Hear how companies are using technology to build engagement
  • Learn 3 fundamental principles to boost engagement through technology
  • Learn 3 common barriers to using technology to enhance engagement and ways to remove them


Become The Manager Employees Absolutely Love
Presented By: Dr. Jack Wiley, Chief Scientific Officer, Engage2Excel

Being an effective business leader, executive or manager is more important than ever in today’s pandemic driven world. While there are many theories of managerial effectiveness, none of them are based on the employee voice and what they want most from their immediate manager…until now! In this session, Dr. Jack Wiley, chief scientific officer at Engage2Excel, presents the results and actionable takeaways from his decade-long investigation involving more than 100,000 survey participants from 26 countries. He will reveal the eight attributes that managers at any level can adopt to improve their effectiveness, create greater career experiences for employees and deliver better organizational results.

  • Learn how Dr. Jack Wiley evaluated and analyzed the data to reach his findings.
  • How to apply/adopt the eight attributes that managers at any level can demonstrate to improve their effectiveness, create greater career experiences for employees and deliver better organizational results.
  • Realize how you can become an effective manager, or teach the managers you support, the eight attributes.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the role of “manager” and how vital it is to successfully engage, motivate and lead teams in today’s challenging environment


Leveraging Performance Management To Improve Employee Engagement
Presented By: Scott Dimmick, Chief Human Resources Officer, Lakeland Regional Health

In the information age and knowledge economy, a firm’s ability to increase the value of its human capital is its primary source for achieving a sustainable competitive advantage. While an engaged workforce can foster a productive workforce, a firm’s performance management program can also cultivate an engaged workforce. This session will reveal how maximizing the Total Performance Improvement Cycle will produce remarkable engagement outcomes. Using evidence-based management practices in the performance setting, assessment, and intervention process, leaders will discover scientifically valid and reliable strategies to win the war for talent and retain your top performers.

Participants will specifically learn:

  • The power of setting effective performance expectations as the foundation for improvement, what those essential expectations are, and how they build foundational engagement.
  • The critical significance of conducting an accurate performance diagnostic to properly assess coaching opportunities, and advance organizational justice.
  • A strategic blueprint for leading performance interventions that produces sustainable people change, personal transformation, and an engagement culture.


Pathway To Purpose – Strategies For Fueling Exceptional Workplace Cultures
Presented By: Jamey Lutz, Senior Vice President Performance Excellence, Atlantic Capital

Is your organization characterized by teammates who leap out of bed every day with a passion to make a difference in the lives of their customers? What might happen if your entire workforce viewed their jobs as a true calling that afforded them the opportunity to become the very best version of themselves? In this session, Jamey will share a set of real-world strategies drawn from a career with The Ritz-Carlton, Atlantic Capital Bank and other organizations synonymous with workplace excellence. Go behind the scenes to learn key ingredients that will transform your company culture and ensure you lead with purpose.

  • Discover the powerful linkage between money and meaning, and why you should care
  • Understand the importance of establishing a continuous “tone from the top”
  • Learn essential strategies to develop psychological trust within your company
  • Learn how to transform your managers into coaches


Culture By Design – Defining And Sustaining Behaviors That Improve Organizational Results And Customer Experience
Presented By: Kevin Gober, Senior Director Employee & Guest Experience, Atlanta Hawks

Creating and designing a culture by design vs. a culture by default is a key factor toward developing, operationalizing and sustaining high levels of employee engagement. An intentionally designed culture, then becomes the basis for recruiting, hiring and personally/professionally training all employee to exhibit the appropriate workforce behaviors. Behaviors that purposefully deliver the desired results for employees and guests/customers alike.

Key objectives or takeaways for participants include:

  • Defining the meaning of culture by design
  • Establishing the behaviors that yield the desired organizational results
  • Aligning the onboarding model with operational excellence and culture


Iterating On The Employee Experience – How To Manage EX In A Context Of Change
Presented By: Jessica Nolin, Talent Leader, UiPath

How do you ensure that employees are having a positive experience at a company that has grown from 0-3200 people in three years across 62 offices and 43 countries? The answer involves constant iteration. All companies are faced with continual change and regardless of the cadence and magnitude of those changes, the way we manage the employee experience at each company needs to be adapted along the way.

This session will focus on specific tactics companies can leverage to manage the employee experience in a context of change.

Learn how to:

  • Build community across a dispersed workforce
  • Increase communication across teams and locations
  • Create connection for employees to the company’s mission and leadership

Hear about what how we approach our EX work at UiPath

  • How we get employee feedback and ideas
  • Our process for getting creative