In Person Presentations

September 20 – 21, 2022

Session Topics Includes:

  • Innovative employee wellbeing and benefit programs
  • Agile HR
  • Remote interviewing and onboarding
  • Strategic sourcing and innovative talent acquisition
  • Leadership development and succession planning
  • Managing and monitoring employee engagement
  • HR outsourcing and managed services
  • Change management strategies
  • Building and sustaining organizational culture

October 24 – 25, 2022

Session Topics Includes:

  • Using Data and Analytics to Optimize Recruitment
  • Hybrid Talent Acquisition
  • Hiring in a Digital World – Remote Interviewing and Onboarding
  • Total Talent: Using One TA Strategy for Contingent Labor & Permanent Hires
  • The Use of Social Media and Digital Technologies to Attract and Recruit Talent
  • Leveraging Your Employer Brand in Recruitment Marketing
  • Inclusive Hiring
  • Aligning Recruitment with Organizational Culture
  • Change Management Tactics for TA Professionals
  • Growing the Early Talent Pipeline

Recorded Presentations

2022 HR Data Summit
  • “State of the Nation” – Market Intelligence for Successful Sourcing and Recruitment
  • Reading Data – What’s the Story?
  • Talent Acquisition Metrics – Path to Analytics Maturity
  • ‘Cloud First’ HR IT Architectures for Global SMBs & HR Analytics
  • Modern HR Innovation and Digitization – Empowering Enterprises and Employees
  • Leveraging Organizational Network Analysis to Optimize Talent Decision
2021 Assessing & Developing High Potentials Summit
  • Workshop A: Storytelling for Leaders – Expand Influence, Deepen Motivation, and Build Connection
  • Workshop B: Succession Management – Fit for Purpose in a Post-Pandemic World Part I
  • Workshop B: Succession Management – Fit for Purpose in a Post-Pandemic World Part II
  • Succession Recipe – 3 Questions, Agility, & Trust
  • What We Have Learned About Engaging Hi-Potentials During the Pandemic… and What It Means Going Forward
  • Convergence of Culture and Data Analytics in Assessing & Developing HiPos
  • Winning with Talent – Hardwiring Talent Management From the Front-Line to C-Suite
  • Building an Innovative Talent Strategy in a Novel and Fast-Paced Business Area
  • Differentiated Development – Preparing Talent Bench of Tomorrow
2021 People in Healthcare Summit
  • How Tufts Medical Center Transformed Talent Acquisition to Deliver Top Talent Today & Tomorrow
  • Leader Muscle Memory – Rebuilding Strength to Move Forward
  • Creating an Agile HR Strategic Plan During Continuous Change
  • Interactive Discussion: 2021 Top Concerns of CHROs Annual Report
  • Fireside Chat: At the Center of the Storm – Managing Through the Crisis
2021 Talent Acquisition Showcase
  • Under Pressure – Adapting Talent Acquisition Strategies in an Uncertain Market
  • Socially Distant Social – Recruitment Marketing in Uncertain Times
  • In a Post-Pandemic World, Virtual Recruiting is Here to Stay
  • The Future of Hiring & Candidate Experience
  • AI for Talent Acquisition – Focusing on Sustainable and Ethical Solutions
  • Talent Acquisition at the Crossroads – Pandemic and Beyond
  • Has the Pandemic Changed Job Seekers? – Separating Fact from Fiction
  • Leverage Digital Tools with a Personalized Touch – Embracing Technology While Nurturing Human Connection
  • Working Through Change and Transformation – How CommScope Adapted and Evolved During COVID19
  • Recruiting Analytics – Using Data to Improve Hiring Quality, Diversity, and Speed
2021 Employee Engagement Summit
  • Understanding Engagement – How Survey Feedback Informs Program Development
  • Engaging Top Talent Through Meaningful Work Experiences
  • Creating a Strong Health and Wellness Culture – Cultivating, Embedding and Sustaining Wellness to Improve Employee Engagement
  • The Culture Life Cycle
  • Closing Keynote: What Is It Costing You Not to Listen? Listening, Not Talking, Is The Most Powerful Communication Skill
2021 Remote Engagement Summit
  • Opening Keynote: Humanizing Today’s Workforce
  • When Talent Development & Engagement Collide
2021 HR Data Sciences Summit
  • Opening Keynote: Stop Overengineering People Management – How Optimization Can Disempower Employees
  • Labor Market Intelligence – The New Competitive Advantage for HR Leaders
  • Match Made in Heaven – Bringing Together HR Technology and People Analytics at Adobe
  • Strategic Listening – Using Employee Feedback Though COVID-19 to Shape Workplace Strategies
  • Using Data Analytics to Strengthen Strategic Workforce Planning
  • Talent Optimization – Applying Data Science Principles and Methods to Add Strategic Value
  • Supporting Business Strategy through Data – The Graybar Case Study Method
  • Attrition Modeling- Using Machine Learning to Retain High Performers
  • Using Analytics to Improve Recruiting Performance
  • Using Projective Analytics to Shape the Future Workforce
2020 People in Healthcare Summit
  • Opening Keynote: Agility, Innovation, and Joy During a Global Pandemic
  • From Cultural Competency to Health Equity – The Transformative Role of Inclusive Leadership and the Pursuit of Health Equity
  • Mitigating Bias Through Cultural Awareness to Improve Patient Experience and Outcomes
  • The Evolution of the Digital Talent Experience
  • The Houston Methodist Story of Engagement, Culture, and Innovation – Preparing for the Workforce of the Future… and the Present
  • Let’s Get Real – Using Common Courtesy, Caring and Kindness to Enhance Retention and Patient Experience
  • Pandemic Planning to Market Downturn – The Rise and Fall of Talent Acquisition
  • Prioritizing People – How HR and Talent Acquisition are Working Together to Create a Better Employee Experience
  • Transformational Leadership – Developing High Potential Leaders in Healthcare
2020 Assessing & Developing High Potentials Summit
  • Leveraging High Potentials to Develop Full Cycle Leader Development Programs
  • Building Top Talent from Within
  • Career Development – An Inside Look at How an Intern Program can Help “Home Grow” Talent
  • Leadership Has the Same Lends – How to Create Leadership Training that is Applicable and Valuable…
  • Not Your Average Talent (Self)Assessment – A Disruptive Approach to Talent Reviews
  • Creating and Implementing High Potential Programs that Deliver Results
  • Succession Planning DISRUPTED
  • What it Takes to “LeAD” at PepsiCo – Building a High-Potential Leadership Assessment and Development Program
  • Rethinking the Nine Box and The Talent Review Process
  • Talent Optimization – Developing Leaders thru High Performance Coaching
  • Transformative HiPo Programs – Developing Talent to Meet the Changing Needs of the Business
  • Breaking the Vicious Cycle – Retire Opinions and Bring Data into Your Talent Management Process’