In Person Presentations

September 15 – 16, 2022

Session Topics Includes:

  • Diversity & Inclusion data, metrics and analytics
  • Sustaining engagement and accountability in D&I Initiatives
  • Aligning diversity with talent acquisition and talent development efforts
  • Fostering behavior and culture change
  • Innovative D&I training
  • Building a sense of belonging
  • Addressing and promoting racial justice in the workplace
  • Measuring the ROI of D&I efforts
  • Addressing intersectionality in the workplace

Recorded Presentations

2022 HR Data Summit
  • Programming for Inclusion – How to Democratize Data to grow Inclusive Behaviors
  • The Role of Data Science in DEI Initiatives
2021 Assessing & Developing High Potentials Summit
  • Transparency Now – Building Inclusive Talent Experiences
2021 Inclusion Summit
  • Crucial Conversations – Global Equity Mandate
  • Don’t be Afraid of the Data – Using Data to Drive Your Diversity Business Plan
  • Global DE&I – Developing an Inclusive Organizational Culture Within a Highly Distributed Team
  • Inclusive Leadership – Middle Management Matters
  • Creating and Enhancing Effective LGBTQI+ Programs
  • Journey to Belonging – Connecting People and DEI Efforts Through Cross-Cultural, Reciprocal Mentorship
  • Going the Distance in Diversity – Pivot, Shift, Move
  • Developing the D&I Training that Inspires Change
  • Building ERG’s that last: Creating Governance to Ensure Sustainability
2021 Employee Engagement Summit
  • Managing Hybrid Remote Teams to Create Inclusivity, Equality & Drive Result
  • Strengthening Culture by Rebuilding Connections
2021 Remote Engagement Summit
  • Leveraging Diversity, Equity and Inclusion to Improve Employee Engagement
2021 Employee Wellbeing Summit
  • Weaving D&I Into Well-Being – Applying a Diversity and Inclusion Lens to Well-Being Programming and Company Culture
2020 People in Healthcare Summit
  • Acquiring and Developing a Diverse Pipeline of Top Talent
2020 Inclusion Summit
  • 2020 – Diversity & Inclusion and Progress in Times of Crisis
  • How are Employers – And Employees – Functioning Through This Unprecedented Period of a Pandemic and Civil Unrest?
  • Why D&I Matters More Than Ever
  • Elevate Your Change Management Game – Accelerating Progress Through Strategic Intention
  • Leading the Way in Advancing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Higher Education
  • Safety and Inclusion During Consecutive Major Events
  • How to Take Allyship from a Noun to a Verb in 90-Days
  • The Power of a Social Impact Strategy – Channeling Emotion to Productive Purpose
  • Immersive Session: Community Healing Through Storytelling – Navigating This Thing Called Race
  • The Role of Organizational D&I in the Quest for Racial Justice
2020 Employee Learning & Development Summit
  • Embedding Inclusion in the Heart of Leadership Development