Overcoming Challenges

By Debbie Bolla

It’s not uncommon to hear a CHRO in the APAC region say that one of the biggest challenges they face today is the talent shortage. Such is the case for Prasanth Narayanan, director and CHRO for Carnival Group, who says the growing economy in India is driving a substantial supply and demand gap. What’s refreshing to hear is Carnival’s proactive strategy to get ahead of curve.

Narayanan explains that the organisation has worked hard to develop an attractive employee value proposition (EVP), “Come Celebrate, Yourself & Work”, which allows them to attract the right candidates—ones that reflect the company values and purpose.

“’Come Celebrate’ showcases the real DNA of Carnival and is built around real attributes,” he says. “Generally, people join organisations tempted by the branding and are disappointed when they experience the reality. What we are trying to showcase is the real-life experience. By developing this, our aim is to become a magnet for talent and have engaged and motivated employees. It has helped us appeal to different markets and tough-to-hire talent, which we currently work in.”

Narayanan says the “Come Celebrate” EVP is set to attract, engage, and retain talent. And the feedback from candidates is positive—in some cases moving the needle to an acceptance letter.

The talent challenges have also encouraged Carnival to be creative in their approach to finding new talent. Narayanan says they have been looking at new markets and in different industries like retail and food, and investing in training. The organisation is also working with NGOs to train underprivileged children for future jobs.

Learn more from Narayanan when he discusses talent strategies during the CHRO Town Hall at the HRO Today Forum APAC, 17-18 September in Hong Kong. See a sneak peek of this special event in this issue.

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