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Rightpoint Introduces ‘Total Experience’ Approach to Help Enterprises Meet AI’s Rapid Adoption and Other Changing Market Dynamics

Rightpoint leverages deep understanding of customer, employee, and product experiences to help transform how people, technology, and business interact

CHICAGO, IL – June 1, 2023, Rightpoint, a global experience leader and Genpact company, has launched a new approach to help its clients navigate ever-evolving market dynamics, including the rapid adoption of artificial intelligence (AI).

Experience isn’t a single touchpoint, it’s a holistic journey that spans across the front, middle, and back office, and all the people who are involved in that journey. The explosion of generative AI (GenAI) is changing the landscape for how organizations and their brands will operate. Total Experience recognizes that customer, employee, and product experiences are inextricably linked to overall success. Organizations and brands that leverage data insights, technology excellence, and human interventions – and recognize how each aspect of experience affects the other – will drive competitive advantage over the next decade.

“Economic headwinds, the rapid adoption of AI, and a plethora of technology and data choices, a changing labor market, all these challenges complicate the decisions companies must make, and the risks are high for business leaders,” said Melissa O’Brien, Executive Research Leader, HFS Research. “On top of that, companies must now serve a broad stakeholder ecosystem of customers, employees, partners, suppliers, regulators, and so on. They need to work seamlessly with the huge ecosystem of communities they’re entwined with, and ensure they meet each community’s values and expectations. Rightpoint’s approach to Total Experience and being part of Genpact is helping business leaders to evaluate and drive the experience they need through the organization, to deliver in order to create greater opportunities for growth and ROI.”

“From discussions with our clients, they are looking for end-to-end experiences, consistent through the front, middle, and back office,” said Ronald Shamah, Rightpoint’s Chief Executive Officer. “The progress and adoption of GenAI has increased both the urgency and opportunity for an experience led approach. In particular, the importance of the human experience within this pace of change. We have always believed each aspect of experience affects the other – you can’t deliver a great customer experience without a great employee experience, or excellent product design. Rightpoint’s deep understanding of people, technology and the measurement and ROI that business wants to see means we are well placed to make Total Experience a reality in the age of GenAI.”

Rightpoint has helped numerous global brands, such as Cox Communications and Outrigger deliver experiences that transform how people interact with their business.

“Developing a Total Experience throughout your organization makes perfect sense. Give employees the right tools, and they will deliver a better customer experience. Give them subpar tools, and your customer experience will suffer. We believe that empowering our employees with a faster, more powerful, more personalized experience will enable them to deliver a more efficient, responsive, and ultimately profitable customer experience,” said Jamie Stokes, Director Digital Communications, Cox Communications

“Outrigger’s journey with Rightpoint to embracing digital transformation has allowed us to seamlessly connect with our guests, personalize their experiences, and stay ahead in the ever-evolving hospitality industry. We’re grateful for the collaboration with Rightpoint and Optimizely, which resulted in a state-of-the-art website that delivers Outrigger’s iconic brand positioning online while also enhancing our connectivity to technology platforms,” said Sean Dee, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, Outrigger.

Learn more about how Total Experience is transforming how people, technology, and organizations interact, creating experiences that drive growth and deliver demonstrable results at

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