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Among all things, young Saudi Arabian workers are seeking employers who have a clear purpose.  

By Zee Johnson 

The elements that once made a fulfilling employee experience have changed, according to a recent Hilton study. 

According to the report, Millennial and Gen Z workers care about an array of factors that stem from the idea of flexible working—and that alone comes with an onslaught of perks. Some of the most important factors include travel benefits, the opportunity to contribute to purposeful work, social interaction, and strong mental health and well-being programmes. 

Whilst 84% of respondents said it was important to work for a company with purpose, two-thirds of young Saudi Arabians respondents agreed with this statement, believing that it was crucial for their employers to have a clearly stated purpose. Further, 41% of young Saudi’s said that feeling a sense of “family” or belonging within a company is an extremely appealing factor. 

Simon Vincent, executive vice president and president, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Hilton, said that the survey results speak directly to some of the initiatives his organisation is implementing to keep workers happy.We lead with culture and are fiercely committed to creating a truly diverse and meaningful work environment where individuals are empowered with the tools, technology, and culture to unleash their full potential,he said.We know that when we invest in our team members, our guests and communities also benefit. It’s why we’re so committed to providing industry-leading benefits, from life-changing travel opportunities, to ensuring a sense of belonging for every team member. 

To get the experience they most desire, Saudi workers have begun considering sectors like hotel management (33%), event management (32%), and marketing communications (28%). And when asked to identify their dream roles, one-third (31%) of Saudi Millennials and Gen Z’s said business management and 26% cited project management.  

Overall, respondents felt that being apart of a diverse and inclusive environment was important (77%) while 74% confirmed that strong policies on social and environmental issues (now known as ESG) in the workplace were also important when choosing an employer. 

The report also listed workplace “must-haves,” which were the ability to meet new people, sample different roles and have a good work-life balance. 

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