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VR In a Virtual World

Virtual reality tech provides a more realistic experience than ever before, allowing the opportunity for increased collaboration and higher learner retention.

By Debbie Bolla

To be a successful customer experience representative for Verizon, candidates must have a bevy of both soft and hard skills in their arsenal. In addition to solution-finding and technical skills, they need to have the ability to be a good listener and be compassionate in order to achieve business goals. These traits are often not easy to develop through traditional training practices. Here is where virtual reality (VR) comes in.

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Getting More From Employee Screening

A data-driven approach can save money, speed up the hiring process, and improve quality of hire.

By Marta Chmielowicz

Monitoring key performance indicators has become a critical element of any business strategy—and that extends to employee screening. By measuring, tracking, and benchmarking screening data, organizations can be more agile in their hiring process, addressing efficiencies and optimizing their strategies to provide a better candidate experience.

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Flash Report: Background Screening Providers: Opportunity for Excellence

Background screening services have been and will continue to be an integral part of the hiring process. But just like everything else in 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic impacted all parts of a background screening provider’s operations from compliance laws to which components their clients deem most important to them.

With that in mind, this flash report examines the most important components and system capabilities of a background screening provider, and overall satisfaction with background screening provider services. When appropriate, data is also compared to findings from the 2017 and 2019 versions of this study.

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Game On

Game-based assessments add interaction and engagement to virtual hiring practices.

By Larry Nash

All facets of business have been disrupted in the past year, including the way organizations source, attract, assess, and hire future-focused talent. Companies pivoted to a virtual work environment, forcing recruiters to quickly shift hiring strategies to continue fostering connections with and securing top candidates. Now, as organizations continue to operate amid uncertainty and look to return to in-person interactions in the future, talent acquisition teams can modernize the hiring process by incorporating innovative technologies and tools like game-based assessments.

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2020 Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction Ratings: Pre-Employment Screening

View the results of this year’s Baker’s Dozen ranking for pre-employment screening services.

By The Editors

HRO Today’s Baker’s Dozen Customer Satisfaction Ratings are based solely on feedback from buyers of the rated services; the ratings are not based on the opinion of the HRO Today staff. We collect feedback annually through an online survey, which we distribute to buyers directly through our own mailing lists and indirectly through service providers. Once collected, response data for all providers with a statistically significant sample size are loaded into the HRO Today database for analysis.

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Keeping Compliant During Crisis

While COVID-19 poses some challenges to screening new hires, these strategies help companies conduct due diligence now and in the new normal.

By Debbie Bolla

For the last few months, organizations have been forced to think on their feet and devise human capital strategies in response to COVID-19. While some organizations have had to put a freeze on hiring, plenty of companies, including Kroger, Healthfirst, and Instacart, are on the opposite end of the spectrum, ramping up pools of essential workers. During this time of social distancing and state closure mandates, HR has had to enlist a bevy of approaches to get new workers on board. On that list: background screening. Verifying the many facets of a candidate’s background is imperative to mitigating risk and ensuring a positive hire no matter the climate.

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Background Screening Providers: Opportunity for Excellence

Before every hire comes a background screening report. And while we’ve become accustomed to this stage of the hiring process, it’s not often that we reflect on the benefits and standards of this sector of the industry as they pertain to our own organizations.

This report is your answer for an examination of the most important components and system capabilities of a background screening provider, as well as a look at overall satisfaction with background screening providers.

Download this report and learn:

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