Risk and Compliance

Understanding the #MeToo Bill

Groundbreaking legislation will hold HR and organizations lawfully responsible if they don’t foster an environment free of harassment, bias, and discrimination. By Maggie Smith The “H.R. 4445, Ending Forced Arbitration…

Driving 2022

Four trends are expected to shape the APAC workforce in 2022 and beyond By Zee Johnson For organisations in the APAC, 2021 was characterised by transformation and priortisation from both…

2022’s Top Compliance and Regulatory Issues

In a rapidly changing work environment, understanding these five regulatory issues will help HR maintain compliance. By Pamela Lacy Following a year that introduced new challenges for HR professionals, including…

COVID-19 Reboarding Checklist

Six best practices to consider before reopening.

By Andrew Rawson

Many organizations are now focusing on when and how to reopen, and what changes to make before employees return to the physical workplace. It’s a complicated process that involves many steps, from implementing health and safety guidelines to making employees feel as comfortable as possible navigating a changing work environment. While every organization is different, here are six things to consider when preparing employees for some of the adjustments they may expect in their day-to-day interactions and operations.