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CEO’s Letter: The Importance of Leadership

Our CHRO of the Year Awards comes to EMEA.

By Elliot H. Clark, CEO

HR is transforming at an astounding pace. Long gone are the days of only administration and compliance—the new gestalt is about employee productivity, talent management, and contribution to organizational performance. And, oh, keep doing that administration and compliance thing. While some decry the layering of responsibility on the HR suite, one thing is abundantly clear: The role of HR is growing.

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Editor’s Note: Culture Counts

By Debbie Bolla, Editor-in-Chief

This past May, HRO Today honored Vice President and CHRO Jenn Mann with our 2015 Sustainable Workforce of the Year Award through our CHRO of the Year Awards program. Mann and her team oversee SAS’ global workforce of 14,000 employees. For this month’s cover story, we get exclusive insight from Mann on how HR approaches strategic workforce initiatives that help make SAS an employer of choice—one with a coveted spot on FORTUNE 100’s Best Companies to Work For® list.

At the HRO Today Forum, Mann joined an esteemed panel of CHRO colleagues to discuss the most pressing issues facing HR today. With 78 percent of leaders naming culture and engagement a concern, according to Deloitte’s Human Capital Trends survey, these two topics were necessary to tackle. In fact, Mann said: “If you don’t address culture and engagement, you are not going to succeed at the other things.”

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