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HRO STA Update: Engage, Lead and Learn – Get Involved Today.

HRO Today Zachary Misko
 The HRO Today Services and Technology Association (HROSTA) is a global association of HR executives, thought leaders, and industry experts working in roles as practitioners, providers, and analysts to participate in conversations, set industry standards and practices and network with others in HR technology and services.

Because we have an active membership community, we provide opportunities for all of our members to get involved in the association and set its course for the future. Our association gives opportunities to network, learn, and develop standards and practices within HR(O). Our member committees provide a forum to ensure that we can better sustain momentum on membership activities and outputs, as well as provide additional roles to engage, lead, and learn.Each committee is led by a chair or co-chairs, one board of advisor and a member; members who express interest will become member chairs in September. Membership in committees is open to all current association members. The committees will provide each member the chance to become more engaged in the association and help us focus on our strategic initiatives for the year. This is a great way for multiple people in your organizations to get involved in setting standards and practices within the industry, network, and participate in the association.

We have formed the following committees, which will meet monthly, during the third week of each month:

1) Member Services: discusses activities including social networking, member newsletters, the association website, new and prospect membership, and orientation). Meets the third Thursday of each month, 9 – 10 a.m. EST.

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Editor’s Note: Inside Moves

A leading publication like HRO Today is built on many voices—editors, freelance writers, researchers, service providers, and importantly, HR practitioners. Thanks to today’s digital landscape, we are fortunate to come across a ton of great ideas and to be able to distribute thought leadership in many ways. One being our blog: hrotoday.blogspot.com. A recent post, Embracing Internal Mobility: How to Successfully Manage the Re-Hiring Process from Lisa Sterling, chief people officer of Ceridian, provides some insight into a human capital trend that has been gaining momentum lately.

Timing couldn’t be better: Nearly 50 percent of employees have been with their current employer for less than four years, and 21 percent of those for less than a year, reports that Bureau of Labor Statistics. Organizations are seeking strategies to retain employees and internal mobility might just be it. In fact, a recent survey from talent acquisition solutions firm Futurestep found 87 percent of respondents believe having a strong internal mobility program would definitely help with attraction and retention efforts, but only 31 percent have one in place.

Sterling offers advice on how to successfully execute internal mobility efforts. There are a lot of moving parts, she warns. It’s not just about climbing the ladder, she says, it’s about employees acclimating to a new team, a new set of responsibilities, and a new manager. These processes call for actitives that are similar to onboarding—or in this case, transboarding. “Transboarding is a leadership opportunity that requires a commitment to employees and an understanding of the importance of workplace culture, subcultures by function, fit, and the significance of personal touchpoints, to ensure a smooth transition and continued career success,” she says.

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