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Journey Makers

Employee Experience

An eye on company values, leadership, mission, and brand can elevate the employee experience and deliver a competitive advantage.

By Sue Quackenbush

With the sharing economy in full swing, employees now have the power to broadcast their overall experience with an organization—the good, bad, and ugly—to a wide audience. Their reviews illustrate that in today’s competitive global market, pay isn’t the only criteria that attracts and retains good talent: Employee experience now displaces simple employee engagement as the number one focus for organizations. Experience comprises the sum of an employee’s perceptions about a company, making it a much more important and challenging focus area for organizations. And with the shrinking talent pool adding another wrinkle, companies must focus on the employee experience now more than ever.

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Achieving Business Value

Technology HR

These five strategies can help organizations reap the full business benefits of their HR technology investments.

By Debora Card

From the dot com era to the mobile boom, embracing the latest technology has always been a key priority for companies looking to stay competitive in today’s digital world. In fact, according to Sierra-Cedar’s 2018-2019 HR Systems Survey, 45 percent of large companies and 51 percent of midsize companies are increasing their spending on HR tech. But the 2019 ISG Industry Trends in HR Technology and Service Delivery survey found that while more than 60 percent of respondents are achieving significant savings in the areas of IT/technology operations and HR administration, drawing ongoing business value from platform technology solutions is still a challenge.

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On Time, On Budget


Implement these seven best practices to improve the quality and accuracy of the payroll process.

By Imran Sajid

It has always been important to pay employees in a timely and accurate manner. Being one day late or 99 percent accurate isn’t good enough. With the world more connected and impatient than ever before, it is critical for successful organizations to pay people accurately and on time. In the digital age, issues that previously stayed behind closed doors are visible for the entire world to read about, which can result in serious ramifications. The last thing HR professionals want is employees and former employees submitting Glassdoor reviews about how their organization consistently made mistakes on payday. The value of a brand is very significant and any loss of business reputation can be costly.

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Editor’s Note: Putting Safety First

HRO Today

By Debbie Bolla

Do you feel safe at work? It’s a question that is getting harder and harder to answer. Consider these statistics:

    • According to SHRM’s 2019 Workplace Violence study, nearly 50 percent of HR professionals said their company had at some point experienced a workplace violence incident—up from 36 percent in 2012.
    • The Workplace Bullying Institute reports that 20 percent of adult American workers said they have been bullied at work and another 20 percent have witnessed that behavior.

And the February shooting at the Henry Pratt manufacturing company that killed five people and wounded six others still feels very fresh for many HR leaders and workers. That includes Jill Geimer, managing director and head of HR for Ecentria Group, an online retailer with a large inventory warehouse in the region.

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HRO Today Association Update: Thought Leadership—Unlock Your Potential

HR Association

By D. Zachary Misko

Thought leaders are the informed opinion leaders and the go-to people in their field of expertise. They are trusted sources who move and inspire people with innovative ideas; turn ideas into reality, and know and show how to replicate their success. We certainly have a great group of thought leaders and innovators involved in our association, as demonstrated by the outstanding group of HR executives, industry experts, and best-selling authors who speak at our Thought Leadership Councils (TLCs), as well as the people who attend them.

The HRO Today Services and Technology Association provides members with the opportunity to connect with other professionals, share best practices and content on our website, and discuss and set industry standards within the HR and outsourcing industry. Learning through our TLCs continues to be a member favorite and attracts a following via live webcasts and our on-demand TLC library. The TLC functional categories are designed as a member benefit to facilitate networking and engagement, and to strengthen the association’s relevance to HRO Today, our events, and the HR outsourcing industry in general. The following monthly TLCs support this effort and are held the second week of each month:

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