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In Sync

Employee Experience

HR and IT need to partner to fix the broken employee experience.

By Donna Kimmel

When it comes to attracting and retaining talent, employee experience is one of the most critical elements of success. Around the world, the gap between the number of jobs available and the people available to fill them is the largest it has ever been. And competition is stiff. To get the talent they want and need to power and move their businesses forward, companies need to create an environment that inspires people to do great work.

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Eye on EI

Emotional Intelligence

Move out of the way, AI. It’s time for organizations to turn their focus on another—perhaps more impactful—intelligence: emotional intelligence.

By Marcus Mossberger

The idea of artificial intelligence (AI) has captivated the industry for the last few years, and it seems as though 2018 really saw an explosion of the utilitarian use of the technology at work. And while there is still apprehension about the impact AI will have on jobs, most organizations have acknowledged that they need to incorporate it into their long-term technology strategy. At the same time, another trend seems to be gaining momentum, albeit to less media attention and prognostication: the burgeoning importance of emotional intelligence (EI) in the workplace.

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Will Unemployment Rates Continue to Fall?

Global Unemployment Report

Organizations are faced with a precarious worldwide economic environment and tight labor market in the first quarter of 2019.

By Larry Basinait

Coming off a strong year in 2018 where unemployment continued to fall in many countries, global growth in the first quarter of 2019 declined. The International Monetary Fund cut its outlook for global growth to 3.3 percent this year, the lowest since the financial crisis of 2009. A range of threats are menacing the global economy, including the possible collapse of negotiations between the U.S. and China to end their trade war and the departure of Britain from the European Union without a transition agreement.

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HRO Today Association Update: Redefining the Value of HR

HR Association

By D. Zachary Misko

I don’t know about you, but I shop quite a bit on Amazon. I love the fact that I can do it anytime, often get lower prices, and check out what other buyers have to say about an item I am interested in. The ratings and customer reviews can be helpful, especially if it’s something I haven’t purchased before and am less familiar with it. A few times, it has actually made me change brands to a better-rated or cheaper product. Of course, the five-star rating system isn’t unique to Amazon. We’ve become familiar with it and see it often: when choosing a restaurant, booking a hotel, and even when selecting a movie for Friday night. Consumer Reports also gives us an opportunity to review those big purchases before committing to a product. The platform helps us assess the best brand to meet our needs and makes the shopping experience easier by highlighting the top choices, saving time, and ensuring a good long-term outcome.

The HRO Today Association recognizes the value of this type of data. Information like customer satisfaction data; crowd-sourced opinions; expert evaluations; and third-party, merit-based designations or awards can be useful in saving consumers time, energy, and frustration, resulting in a positive experience.

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CEO’s Letter: CHRO Compensation – What Drives the Market for HR Talent

HRO Today

By Elliot H. Clark

I live in Philadelphia and I remember the media hullabaloo about the compensation paid to the baseball star Bryce Harper to join the local team. As one grave-faced sportscaster put it, “Well, there is a market value to talent—this franchise just got the bill.” I decided two things right at that moment: First was to never take market economics lessons from a guy who reads game scores for a living, and second was to see if the research team at HRO Today could figure out what drives the salaries for top executives in human resources. You will find the summary report in our upcoming second annual CHRO Today special edition (published with October), but I thought I would give you a few highlights.

We pulled the publicly available data on the Fortune 500 and found the CHRO compensation data on 88 senior-level HR executives from those companies. With a sample size of nearly 18 percent, we felt we had enough data to do a very valid market analysis. We split the market into the Fortune 50, the Fortune 100, Fortune 200, and Fortune 500 bands. We also looked at correlations to salary, total cash compensation, and total non-cash compensation (stock options and grants).

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Editor’s Note: Pulse on Recognition

HRO Today

By Debbie Bolla

In the last few years, it has become very clear that recognition has become an important tool in the HR arsenal to recruit, engage, and retain employees. It has the power to inspire the workforce to go above and beyond for their organizations, increasing productivity and the bottom line alike.

To get a current pulse on the market, IRF’s new study, 2019 Voice of the Market: The Use of Non-Cash Rewards & Recognition, looks at what is top priority when designing, implementing, and executing recognition programs. The research finds that variety is key in order to accommodate a spectrum of worker preferences. Some of the most common rewards include:

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