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2018 Research Roundup

HRO Today Research

A look at the top findings from our recent studies.

By Larry Basinait

Industry research is core to human capital management and decision-making. That is why the HRO Today research team has recently taken a deep dive into several topics that present challenges to HR professionals: artificial intelligence, tech innovations, employer brand, and more. Here, we share some of the top findings—the full version of the reports can be found here.

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CEO’s Letter: Shopping in the HR Supermarket

HRO Today

By Elliot H. Clark

Because of our HRO Today Baker’s Dozen customer satisfaction survey franchise, many companies will seek us out for advice on further interpretation of the data or for help leveraging it in a procurement process. One of my most vivid memories of working with a practitioner on vendor selection was from one of world’s largest banks on a large RPO deal. One of the vendors bidding on the RPO contract was already delivering MSP services to the organization and felt certain they would win. The two met at the HRO Today Forum in Las Vegas about seven years ago. The client had several meetings at the Forum with prospective RPO firms and first eliminated the provider holding the MSP deal because they “didn’t want to put too many eggs in one basket.” Today that mentality seems silly. Now, the trend in HR and procurement is to look for companies that can provide a more comprehensive solution set—not less.

Indeed, the emergence of total workforce solutions—the combining of RPO and MSP services to subsume permanent and contingent hiring—is only one example of this phenomenon. At the Forum mentioned above, the head of HR operations for a big box retailer in the electronics industry was touting that her group managed 73 vendors including multiple RPO, MSP, background screening, relocation, and learning outsourcing providers. I remember wondering how they could celebrate what, frankly, sounded like an inefficient mess. But that same phrase about putting eggs in baskets was used. Imagine how inefficient a dairy farm would be if they shipped only one egg per outbound truck?

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HRO Today STA Update: Certifiably the Busiest January Yet

HR Association

By D. Zachary Misko

Welcome to 2019! For those that took time at the end of last year to prepare, congratulations. Based on industry buzz, you’re only putting in 60-hour work weeks! For those that are still wrapping up strategic planning, setting priorities, and/or creating marketing and employer branding plans, better luck next year. As usual, it seems that each year we get busier than the last, with more being added to our plates with every turn of the calendar page whether it be products to create and sell, solutions to retire or improve, budgets to manage, and customers to service. Phew, it’s daunting sometimes, isn’t it?

The HRO Today Global HR Association recognizes that you are busy and that your time is valuable. We also know that you still require access to research, best practices, industry tools, references, and a network of experts who can help. So we took that into consideration as we set our priorities and plan for 2019. A list of our products, services, and resources to help you work smarter, not harder, is available on our website. You’ll find things that have been in place since the association was formed as well as new and improved offerings for this year.

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Editor’s Note: It’s a Juggle Out There

HRO Today

By Debbie Bolla

Lots of research comes across my desk, including our own (see a roundup of recent HRO Today studies here), and LinkedIn’s 2019 Global Talent Trends report spoke to me personally. On its cover: A female working on a laptop while holding a baby. This choice clearly exemplifies a major shift in the workplace: Organizations are embracing the importance of a work-life balance. And even if you aren’t a working parent, you can certainly understand the struggle of juggling both work and life responsibilities.

In fact, of the research’s main trends transforming the workplace, 72 percent of talent professionals agree that flexibility is a top factor. Employees seek flexibility in all aspects of their work, including health and wellness benefits.

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