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Disrupt the Gender Gap

KenIt takes non-traditional solutions — and solid analytics — to ensure that women thrive at work.

By Ken Haderer

Conventional thinking says that the past two decades have seen significant gains in gender diversity and equality in the workplace, and that it won’t be long before gender goals are achieved at companies—all thanks to the right organizational efforts. But let’s take a closer look at this.

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All Signs Point to Up

pointtoupPositive growth in 2014 is likely to continue in 2015 finds analyst firm NelsonHall.

By Amy Gurchensky

If the past is any indicator of the future, then the HR outsourcing market will have a productive upcoming year. 2014 contract activity was up nearly 11 percent year-over- year, with renewals and contract expansions accounting for a quarter of the activity. Mid-market activity remained high and public sector contracts increased year-over-year. This can be seen in several HR outsourcing service lines.

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Picture This

picturethisMarriott leveraged a not-so-secret weapon in their latest recruiting effort: their employees.

By Kristy Godbold

It’s no secret that recruitment practices have moved into the digital realm. Paper cover letters and resumes of the past have quickly been replaced by search engines. Candidates leverage the Internet to find and apply for jobs, to maintain professional contacts through social networking channels, and to showcase digital-savvy job credentials through personal websites, portfolios, and Klout scores.

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Editor’s Note: Were They Right?

debbie-bollaBy Debbie Bolla
Executive Editor

December is always one of my favorite issues of the year. We annually challenge industry experts to set predictions for the coming year. This time around it was my turn to put both analysts and HR executives to the test. Looks like HR’s plate is going to be full in 2015. Human capital management leaders will need to execute strategies that improve organizational culture, employee engagement, and retention. Find out more in On the Agenda, page 10.

I always thought it would be interesting—and fun—to have a look back at the previous year’s predictions story and see how the forecast fared at the end of year. 2013’s feature, Full Speed Ahead, captured trends driven by a confluence of talent and technology. Here’s a look at four pairs of predictions and outcomes.

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