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Leading For The Future

We recognize 20 CHROs for their pursuit to align HR strategy to business outcomes.

Debbie Bolla

For our third annual CHRO of the Year awards, HRO Today recognizes those CHROs with the capabilities to adapt to a competitive business environment in order to deliver the insight needed for HR transformation. We understand the importance of CHROs who drive workforce initiatives through innovation with measurable excellence in employee engagement and the retention to prove it.

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CEO’s Letter: Recognizing HR


On the night of May 2 at the Drake Hotel in Chicago, we are hosting our annual CHRO of the Year Awards dinner. There are four categories of awards. There are two for achievements executed by finalists at their current companies: CHRO of the Year For Profit and CHRO of the Year Not For Profit. The distinction of non-profit and for profit companies recognizes the challenges of working in underfunded not-for-profit organizations or contributing to the financial and corporate success of the for profit world.

The next category is the Sustainable Workforce Award, which recognizes a CHRO who has developed policies that have had a measurable positive impact on the workforce and has created a winning workplace culture. The Lifetime Achievement Award honors a CHRO who has had a measurable impact, fostered innovation, and advanced the practice of HR at multiple companies.

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Editor’s Note: Making It Happen

I’m baaaaaaack. And so is the HRO Today Forum.
It’s been full speed ahead ever since I returned last month from a 12-week maternity leave. This is the most exciting—and craziest—time of year as we gear up for our annual HRO Today Forum. This May we head to Chicago to cover everything HR and we hope you’ll join us. Are you weighing technology options? Looking to leverage HR analytics? Trying to engage employees in healthcare? Learn about these topics and more by taking a closer look at our jam-packed agenda with Overcome HR Challenges on page 22.This is our third year recognizing the great work of chief HR officers with our CHRO of the Year awards, and I had the opportunity to learn more about each of our 20 finalists for this month’s cover story, Leading for the Future (see page 12). Their people-driven initiatives and accomplishments are downright impressive:

• Incorporating a new single application, cloud-based HCM system to decrease employee turnover;

• Offering learning opportunities through a new career center that resulted in promotions for 34 percent of participants;

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