Out of the Ashes

Where HR services have been—and where they’re headed.     By Debbie Bolla      Looking back 10 years, strategy, expertise, and innovation weren’t major parts of HRO contracts—or even the mindsets behind them. Cost savings was top of mind, and HR executives looking to get in the game wanted a third-party provider to take […]

When the Business Model Clashes with European Transfer Laws

North American service providers might be in for a shock as they look to capture more European business. Various legal and contractual obligations will likely throw a wrench into the outsourcing accord. by Paul Davies Outsourcing companies that cut their teeth in North America find the labor relations practices of the European continent one of […]

Shared Services: Training Wheels for First-time Outsourcing Adopters?

Should companies engage in shared services before they outsource? While some report better results with this intermediate step, others say it’s not really necessary to ensuring great HRO implementation. by Andy Teng When it comes to analogies, you can say HRO is a bit like a bicycle. If you’ve never implemented a deal, it’s harder […]

Success During Uncertainty

Seven strategies to keep talent top of mind during the M&A integration process.

By Amy Bush

This has been a bumper year for mergers and acquisitions (M&As). In fact, it’s been a record year, with $2.5 trillion in mergers announced in the first half of 2018 alone. But a successful merger isn’t just a question of effectively bringing together financial, physical, and organizational assets. The topic of talent should be high on the list as a contributing factor as well.

Tough Customer

As we celebrate the 10th anniversary of HRO Today Magazine, a new threat looms before the practitioners and providers of services in the realm of human resources. This is not an allusion to the outsourcing defamation that sullies the current political silly season. Nor does it refer to the legacy of unsustainably gigantic engagements that […]

Gathering Prosperity

HR thought leaders convene to build new paths to prosperity.   By the Editors      While Americans remain glum about the future of our economy, a renewed sense of possibility emerged at the HRO Today Forum (April 30 to May 2 in Washington, D.C.). A humming global economy with good jobs at good pay […]

The List Effect

Drivers of hybrid cars can explain the change that comes from a short feedback loop. They’ll attest that the behavioral transformation offers real—and real-time—value. A miles-per-gallon metric on the dashboard flashes after every five miles. Drivers attentive to this data often shift their behavior to optimize mileage. A small cadre of zealots actually takes this […]

Updating the Recruiter’s Toolbox

‘Disappearing’ the HR software yields functionality at the speed of market.      By John Sumser     In the world of HR Software, substantive change always flows from recruiting tools to the rest of the suite. As the only market-facing component of the HR application set, recruiting is driven by competitive forces rather than […]

Economic Foxes and Hedgehogs

Ready for the unexpected? In these economic times, maybe it’s better to be a fox than a hedgehog. by Michael Beygelman Right now there’s a lot of talk about extremes—standing on the left or the right in the political arena, or volatile movements when we look at the global markets, oil prices, corporate profits, etc. […]


When the Catalina Restaurant Group emerged from bankruptcy in 2002, building robust HR and F&A processes was a critical, if not economically feasible, task. But thanks to outsourcing, the company today can focus on feeding hungry customers instead of back-office headaches. by Andy Teng Chaos. It’s a fair description of companies in the mid-market segment. […]