Marching to the Middle

How do you define the mid-market? . by Lisa Rowan Ask five different people how they define the mid-market and you’ll get maybe six different answers. Truth is there isn’t any consensus definition. Every conversation regarding the mid-market begins with the question, “how do you define it?” There is some agreement on what the mid-market […]

Data Driving Decisions

A new report captures four key metrics that promote better performance. By Ranjan Dutta, Scott Pollak, and Kristina Dunphy Market demand for workforce analytics is on the rise as business leaders increasingly recognize that the right talent is critical to bringing business strategies to life. Equally important is the ability to access and analyze the […]

The Beat Goes On

From sourcing and screening to vendor management and media planning, the RPO parade keeps marching.   By The Editors     Our report on top RPO deals of 2012 was based on research performed by the editorial staff of HRO Today. In some but not all instances, RPO providers themselves provided the information. Data was […]