Start as You Mean to Go on, Part II

The real benchmark is the total cost of business outcomes, but HR leaders are at a loss to explain in bottom-line terms why they want to improve payroll accuracy or shorten time to hire. by Naomi Lee Bloom In last month’s column we summarily disposed of total cost of ownership (TCO) as the key measure […]

Is HRO Embracing Software as a Service?

In the evolving HRO marketplace, SaaS is quickly becoming a sourcing model of choice for some budget-conscious employers looking for improved HR services. With big and small organizations jumping on the bandwagon, could software as a service replace traditional HRO offerings in the future? Read on to see if it’s right for you? by Andy […]

Defining RPO: Wading through the Hype

Recruitment process outsourcing is one of the fastest-growing segments in HRO, but it’s also one of the most confusing and least mature. As buyers set out to engage outsourced recruitment services, here’s a guide on understanding the domain from one end to the other. by Andy Teng As anyone considering outsourcing knows, comprehending HRO is […]

Focusing on the HRO Lifecycle Part I: The Knowledge Phase

Getting a feel for the provider is not just recommended but strongly advised. In the first of four articles examining services globalization, the author explains why buying a seat for an overseas flight is a smart investment in offshoring. by Atul Vashistha In this and my next three columns, I’ll talk in depth about the […]

2007 Resource Guide

The Fifth annual largest and most authoritative listing of HR service providers. by HROT Staff In today’s HRO market, there are lots of vendors to choose from, and the HRO Today 2007 Resource Guide is solid proof of this. With more than 1,000 providers serving 18 categories, HR professionals have a variety of solutions that […]

The RPO Roster

The top recruitment process outsourcing companies. by HROT Staff When we started pulling together the first-ever HRO Today list of the Top 13 Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) providers, we thought the challenge would be in gathering the data. The true challenge, we discovered, was defining what data to gather. What services make up a true, […]

The PEO Bunch

PEO Case Studies: Here’s the story of several happy HRO families. by Margo Alderton Picking the right HRO partner is a deciding factor in improving your company’s chance of success… or, seen the other way, lowering your risk of failure. What makes a successful pick? Where are the pitfalls? These case studies tell all.Conventional wisdom […]