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Vacation Redefined – 7/16

For many workers, PTO is no longer dedicated to relaxation.
About two-thirds of American employees are planning to work during summer vacation reports Teamviewer’s latest survey. This year, 61 percent of respondents plan to work while on vacation, which is up from last year’s data, which yielded 52 percent.
Of these, 69 percent plan to bring a work-capable device on their vacation, majority of whom intend to bring up to three of these devices. Respondents say that they expect to use at least one device for work-related purposes and perform tasks that include:
• Reading work-related emails
• Receiving work-related calls and text messages
• Wanting work-related access to documents
• Being asked to do work by a boss, client or colleague
However, this is not a surprising statistic to employees, as 83 percent of those surveyed agree that although they are not necessarily happy about it, having to work during vacation has become more common in the U.S.
The survey also reports that this trend is particularly acute among those in Generation Y, who are statistically more likely than any other age group to say that they expect to work during their vacation.

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