NeueHouse Taps Global Talent Management Agency Haufe

San Francisco, CA – Leading global talent management and human resources company, Haufe, has announced it has been tapped by NeueHouse to support the company through its rapid global expansion. Well established in the European market, Haufe works with more than 600 global companies including Bayer, Olympus and Pricewaterhouse Coopers, among other top brands. Developed from the fundamental philosophy that “employees run companies,” Haufe custom tailors results-driven packages of proprietary consulting software and full-service consulting that enable clients to reach strategic goals.

Haufe will provide key services to NeueHouse including: digital tools to help with talent management, including recruitment and onboarding software; performance framework co-creation designed for HR efficacy and transparency, as well as a collaborative culture; program implementation consulting to ensure a culture of high performance and impact— a culture of agile intrapreneurship; training materials development and core user trainings; member benefit plan designed to measure success; and e-recruiting to digitize the recruiting process and attract the best talent. Moving forward, NeueHouse is also planning on implementing additional unique offerings from Haufe. This includes the brand new Metro Mapping service, a tool that lays out the entire candidate and employee user’s journeys, their high impact touch, underlying systems, supporting software, potential roadblocks, areas of improvement, as well as overall impact on company culture and finances.

“We at NeueHouse are thrilled to partner with Haufe,” Jay Galluzzo, NeueHouse CEO, said. “Haufe’s unique approach combined with their vast wealth of knowledge and resources makes them a great fit for us. NeueHouse is first and foremost a culture-driven community, and Haufe supports that in a unique and collaborative way.”

“NeueHouse is the perfect partner for Haufe—their innovative business model combined with our unique approach to human resources will allow us to come together as effective cultural incubators,” Kelly Max, CEO and Co-Founder of Haufe, Inc., said. “We are confident that our unique tools will help protect and further develop Neuehouse’s distinct culture, and we look forward to becoming a key element of this remarkable company’s continued success.”

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