Why an Authentic Employment Brand is Vital to Recruiting: Five Reasons to Refine Your Employee Value Proposition

Having a superior workforce culture and inviting employment brand are the catchphrases of the moment, touted as the surest way to win the war for talent. Without a distinct culture, companies will fail to engage employees in a shared journey, resulting in a negative impact on profits. And without a compelling employment brand, the odds of hiring the wrong employees shoot up, causing unreliable workforce behaviors.

Certainly, there is much wisdom in the importance of a cultural alignment between an organization and its employees, as well as an employment brand that markets a company as a desirable place to work. The challenge is authenticity—truly having a distinct culture and convincing employment brand. Most every company by now has jumped on the bandwagon and articulated a great culture and employment brand. But, is this the truth or just fancy wrapping? If it’s the latter, it’s bound to backfire. Download this white paper and find out.

Posted August 3, 2015 in Market Intelligence