Winning Workforce Strategies Webcast, Part One

Employment Engagement and Recruiting are Related – Find Out How

HR understands the power of first impressions.  One of the most important processes is the hiring, onboarding and orienting of employees – the “candidate experience” – which directly impacts time-to-productivity, employee engagement, and retention.

Cory Kruse, president of Orion Novotus, and Katy Theroux, CHRO of the NCI Group, are sharing their expert views in the first part of this webcast series as they discuss:

  • How to build career foundations by recruiting for retention.
  • How to address a real problem: 23% of candidates start looking for their next position on the first day of work.
  • How much do companies with engaged employees outperform those without?

The best workforce strategies are built on bringing in the best talent and deploying them faster with better engagement and productivity.

Learn new techniques and gain valuable insights from a CHRO and top service provider into how to implement these best practices in your organization in this first part of our three-part series from our Winning Workforce Strategies webcast.

To watch the webcast, CLICK HERE.

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