Winning Workforce Strategies Webinar – Driving Productivity and Engagement through Better Recruiting Execution

HR understands the power of first impressions.  One of the most important processes is the hiring, onboarding and orienting employees – the “candidate experience” – which directly impacts time to productivity, employee engagement and retention.  Cory Kruse, President of Orion Novotus and Katy Theroux, CHRO of the NCI Group as they discuss:

  • What are the best practices that CHROs, talent acquisition executives and recruiters need to follow to ensure that they are “recruiting for retention”?
  • What investments in infrastructure or back office processes are necessary to create the perception of a seamless experience to deliver the best talent and the most engaged and productive workforce an organization can have?
  • How do you manage communication and plan for the most engaging recruiting and onboarding process?

The best workforce strategies are built on bringing in the best talent and deploying them faster with better engagement and productivity.  Learn new techniques and gain valuable insights from a CHRO and top service provider into how to implement these best practices in your organization.


This webinar originally aired on November 15, 2017, at 12:00 pm Noon ET.


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