TLC Livestream: Hiring and Retaining Workers through Generations

In Broadleaf’s “Hiring and Retaining Workers through the Generations” presentation, Carl addresses concerns employers have about Millennials and Gen Z’ers entering the workforce. Many loHRCI Certifiedok at these emerging generations as wildly different, but we all have very similar underlying motivations. In this attention economy, it’s increasingly hard to attract and retain talent, but these universal tips will help you gain access to all different types of talent.

Some key takeaways will include:

·         We all want similar things

·         Why candidates drop out of the recruitment process

·         How to recruit more creatively

·         Building a winning talent brand

·         The consequences of doing nothing


Featured Speaker: Carl Kutsmode, Practice Leader, TalentRise, a sister company of Broadleaf Results

This livestream will be presented by Carl Kutsmode, Practice Leader at TalentRise, a sister company of Broadleaf Results, and part of the Aleron group of companies. Carl has spent the last 20 years helping employers from startups to global organizations optimize their talent practices, processes, technologies, and strategies. A pioneer in the digital transformation of recruiting, Carl helps employers gain competitive business advantage by equipping them to succeed in attracting, recruiting, and retaining the best talent.

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