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Taking the Reins: HR’s Expanding Role with Independent Workers

HR has traditionally focused on supporting the conventional employee population, while the responsibility of engaging independent contractors, consultants, and freelancers has been spread throughout the company – leading to an “invisible workforce”, where things like performance tracking, compliance, security, and rate analysis are practically nonexistent. It’s time for HR to broaden their support.

MBO Partners and the HRO Service and Technology Association recently completed an in-depth research report that provides a window into the mysterious world of independent work. You’re invited to join MBO’s Vice President of Operations Dave Cassar and contingent workforce HR advisor Terry Kosierowski-Piccolo at noon on February 17th, 2015 for an incisive and actionable online discussion of the findings. This webinar offers expert insight into the independent workforce’s startling growth, HR’s expanding role, considerations when using MSPs, and more.

This discussion is a must for HR leaders looking for guidance as they expand HR’s role in engaging and managing their companies’ vital independent workforce.

Click here to view the webinar

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