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Flash Report | Recruiting Agility and Flexibility in a Recession

A national recession can completely derail workforce planning, forcing organizations to rethink priorities and adjust quickly to changing economic winds. But how well organizations’ recruiting function can respond to market changes often underscores the importance of flexibility and agility in their recruiting structure composition.

When asked about the impact a recession would have on hiring in 2023, nearly three-quarters indicated a negative impact. 91% of TA leaders consider their organization’s recruiting function’s flexibility to be important. However, only just over one-half rate their flexibility as excellent or even good.

This report, sponsored by Resource Solutions, examines Talent Acquisition professionals’ views about a recession in 2023, and what the impact of a recession is on hiring plans. Further, an examination of how organizations view their recruiting function’s flexibility, agility, and ability to capitalize on technology to meet changing needs is made.


Published: April 24, 2023

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