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Creative Technology Recruitment: How to Compete Against the Tech Giants for Top Talent

John Wilson, CEO of WilsonHCG, and Alison Hadden, Director of Product Marketing at Glassdoor discuss creative technology recruitment strategies that will land your company top tech talent. Technology candidates are among the most sought-after talent pools in the employment landscape. And with technology driving business today and into the future, the recruitment of talent with these skills will become increasingly more difficult. This is especially true for midsized companies that can’t offer the outlandish perks of the tech giants.  In this webinar, WilsonHCG and Glassdoor teach you what makes tech talent tick and how you can attract this talent pool to your company through your employment brand. You’ll also learn what innovative tactics your company can use to gain the attention of highly-skilled tech talent and what your technology-focused recruiters can do to make meaningful connections with techies.

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